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 It's on the back of everyone's mind right?
Be you an atheist or a believer. We all have that unshakable fear or belief that "THE END IS NEAR ".... Whether like the atheist you believe eventually all of man's tenacious effort for power or 'human development ' will lead to complete and utter wastage, or you believe that the aliens will come to destroy all mankind, or (my personal favourite) Zombie Apocalypse. We are all haunted by that silent truth that eventually all of life as we know it will come to an end.
As a Christian myself I believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ. So believers everywhere this one's for you (atheist y'all invited too).

Now it must be like bazillion years since the Apostle John's prophecy of the second coming was written (and probably a gazillion years since Isiah's) and it's the year 2017 and still nothing and it begs the question "What the heck is up? ". I mean is there really a second coming?
 Was the whole destruction thingy just a metaphor for man's inevitable death? Either way the more the years pass by the more the number of believers have plummeted.

Call me crazy but what if like the Bible says, that God is just waiting for more people to be saved? What if He's just chilling in his heavenly living room watching on his TV or glass orb just streaming live on 'Keeping Up With The Earthlings' and probably just pissed as hell watching all the crap that mankind has been up to since the first coming
Or God could just be building up drama so he can fuck us all up when we least expect it
 Either way I think it will do us some good to be prepared sooner than later. So you can either become an actual good person or you can watch as many dystopian universe themed movies you can find and take down notes.

                               By Nowe

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