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Accept Your Ugly

I'm a very careless person, I'm the very worst at safekeeping; give me anything at all to hold for you and ask me about it in 5minutes and I wouldn't know where I kept it.
It's really that bad.
I'm so untidy and scattered. It's so bad that I think I probably hit the side of my brain that serves for organization hard on the floor OR maybe it's the many knocks I received as a child.
What else? I can be forgetful. I'm terrible with birthday dates, anniversaries and stuff. That's me in a glance.
I don't like that I am this way, I used to be comfortable with it and say, "I'm just like that, everybody with his or her own ugly side." It bothers me now. I make effort to change.

There's a story to tell
Weeks ago, I had closed myself from school. I was exhausted. I went to refill my bowels, ordered 1 and a half wrap of Santana with banga Soup. It was too nice.
A friend of mine came around and after paying we left together to play chess.
It took me about 4 hours to realise I couldn't find my bag. I left it in the restaurant. The Owner of the shop was too shocked A Normal Human Being could be so careless.
She wanted me to feel bad about it and made jokes in derision at my error but I was unfazed.

She couldn't understand how I was without a smidgen of shame. I told her," I know I am very careless, I'm very aware of it. When you try to laugh at me for something I'm very aware of, it won't work.''

Yes, that's the point in trying to make.
To know thyself till all of our faculties accept that truth.

These Days, there's some campaign against Body Shaming, Bullying and Online trolls, I support all of these campaigns because I feel it's Evil to mock someone over something they couldn't change.
It's horrible to laugh at Fat, short, ugly or socially awkward people but I have to admit the jokes people make about them can be funny at times but still it's a horrible thing to do. There's a bigger but, a really big but. You know there are always two sides to a story, including this.
I feel it's tougher getting people not to troll or bully, it may even be impossible but instead people can be encouraged to accept their ugly and maybe even be proud about it.

I remember a day in class, the lecturer asked who the finest girl in class was. Behold, June raised her hands so high and shouted Me. It was utterly beautiful not because she was actually pretty but the confidence to say you're the prettiest person in the midst of really pretty people without any iota of shyness was too sexy. The point is people are drawn to confidence. People are drawn to heightened sense of composure.

If you're not pretty, accept it, embrace it and live life to the fullest. Be you fat, short, a bad leg or hand or whatever it is that sets you apart, accept it, embrace it and wow people with how settled you're with it and just live life as every other person.

I'm not preaching that people shouldn't strive to be better, I'm not saying accept your flaws under the banner of peculiarity. NO! I like progress. I believe changing a situation begins with accepting it. Own your Ugly till you either decide to stay that way or work on it.
Don't do anything because people aren't cool with it because people will never be cool with anything. Do it because you want to.
Lose weight because you want to
Be neater because you want to
Be smarter because you want to
Let you and only you control your life


  1. very nice....Great actually because most of us are being pushed out of our lanes daily by the society's idea of "perfect"... we must get better but not at the expense of things that really matter.