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Don't Grow Up, It's A Trap

When i was little, all i wanted to do was grow up. I wanted independence, i wanted freedom. I wanted to not need my parents and i wanted to be taken seriously. I had such a terrible misconception about being an adult.
None of us can actually not grow up. But it makes you wonder; what did the writer of this title miss about childhood? What do i miss about childhood?

1 important thing i miss is the Innocence. Remember in kindergaten when you just meet a person and then just like him/her and you guys just hit it off like "hey we're bestfriends now"... Without a thought or a worry about where they came from or who their parents where. You just liked a person for liking sake. I miss that. Adult relationships get so complicated; its exhausting. Maybe that can explain why i had several friends as a child but now, i cant even boast of 5... because of that innocence, forgiveness came easy too; No grudges, no malice, no revenge.
The sincerity, It was harder to find people who were with you because they wanted something. But now, you almost have to question every intimate move; always have to wonder "why is he or she being nice to me?"

This is one situation i can boldly say Ignorance Is bliss. Being a child spared you from too much knowledge. Our parents thought it their job to shield us from the hostility and darkness that inhabits this world of ours. Some of us were deceived enough to believe in Santa Clause, the tooth fairy; and the cartoons didnt even help. But as the curse demands we all do grow up and see the world for what it is and see people for who they are. I got to know about riots, wars, rape, robbery, injustice; and it got worse as i got older. It still is deteriorating till now.

It comes easy for some but for some of us we had to learn the hard way that there is a darkness in people and in some no iota of light. I remember being a child and nobody let me in on the problems at home. Even in periods of scarcity; my parents made sure i got everything i needed, enough not to make me suspect a thing. I never ever saw my parents fight or quarrel. And i thought my parents were super people who never made mistakes and always got it right.
So when we grow up no more caprisone?

That was until i grew up. It wasn't just knowledge i got but also a share in family scarcity. I somehow finally understood the difficulties of fuel shortage. I saw my parents disagree, quarrel and not talk to each other for days/weeks. I realized with pain and difficulty that my parents were just people and that they got it wrong too.
Yes being an adult did make me see the world for what it was but it's a sight i would have been happy to avoid.

Another thing, Responsibility.

Dont get me wrong. It's not like i hate to take responsibility for my actions but it's like the world just expects you to have everything figured out because you're older and it really doesnt work like that.

I want to go back to when it was okay to not know what to do. Okay to be silly and to play and to just be a happy person.

I hate the society norms i grew up to meet. I hate the fact that girls grow up only to be taught how to hate their bodies and to strive for a ring.

What about the Enthusiasm... As kids we were interested and curious; wanting to know. But we lose it all in adulthood. And why? We become interested in vanity; chasing shadows all the way...

And just as Antoine wrote about:

From d king who has no subject but wouldnt leave his kingdom just so he can remain king...
The Businessman who is so busy he has no time for his life..
The conceited man who pays attention only to praises...
To the drunk who keeps drinking because he is ashamed of his drunkenness.

Adulthood is too much vanity
So yeah i horribly miss my childhood... I miss the toys, the sheer happiness in a new day, absolutely loving and trusting my folks, seeing good in people and in the world at large..

Now since we've all been bound by the curse of getting older. I cant say dont grow up, But i ll advise.. dont lose your inner child. Its even what The Guardians protect.

By Alaska

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