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Patriots or Hypocrites

 I'm definately not a football lover but it made me sad to see Nigeria go. But that wasnt the drama of the day. The real drama was the conflict between Patriotic Nigerians and Nigerian-Argetineans (those that supported Messi). But before we start to argue, who's a patriot?

 A patriot is a person who loves, zealously supports and defends their country. Merriam Webster even adds that a patriot supports his/her country's authority and interest. Need i say more?  I'm all for supporting Nigeria, i even prayed for their victory. And yes i do believe that football is one of the few things that unite a nation and even the world. But the major problem i had with this conflict was the hypocrisy in its core. How dare any of us lay claim to patriotism?  Have you ever had a conversation with an average< Nigerian?
"Nigeria no go better"
"This country has no future"
 Someone even said "this is the best time for EedrisAbdulkareem to re-sing Nigeria jaga jaga"...  These are the musings of any average Nigerian. Show me the patriotism there? Too many, way too many Nigerians are in Nigeria because they havent gotten the opportunity to leave. And you, yes you, if you got the chance to leave, wont you go? Would you stay? Besides, what was the effect? Did Messi supporters have any effect on the turn out of the match? Your guess is as good as mine.

 Lets put aside the talks of racism(no be on top Nigeria e 1st start) and partiality, the team that won played better.
 When Argentina flawed their last match, everybody
was talking; Nigerians were on fire. The memes were so
bad that i even felt for Messi. But now the tables have turned and what do we do? We accuse ourselves of unpatriotism.
 Its funny. But there's a peculiar thing about Nigerians. We have an innate habit of ignoring the important issues and focusing on the irrelevant.  Why is nobody saying Super eagles should come home and train better so we can do better? Nigeria was playing horribly in the friendlies and i know of too many people who are talking now that doubted Super Eagles even getting this far.

 The most touching comment on this issue was that of Allen Amadi. He took our hypocritic patriotism and shoved it in our faces. Im pretty sure, if Nigeria had won today, we would be jubilating up and down. Nobody will remember that our land reeks of innocent blood.
 So put down your index fingers. Patriotism? Nigeria
as a country lacks it and all of us are guilty. You, you
and me too. We need help in this nation and that's
what we should focus on. Leave Messi and Argentina
alone, they are not our problem.

By Sharon


  1. Well said... Just so straight to d point..

  2. Hm..thats true. If Nigeria had won the game, everyone would be rejoice and for a moment forget about the killings in Plateau.We really need to set our priorities right. You think the Nigerians in Plateau could watch the match? Even if they had, how do we think they felt when they see their fellow Nigerians cheering when they just lost their whole family? I say again, we need to set our priorities right. I'm so sharing this right now.