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The thing about Jealousy

There's something every Boyfriend in the world has experienced. I mean every single one.
Every Boyfriend has had his girlfriend deliberately try to make him Jealous for either the Fun of it or the Insecurity. Whatever the reason for it, it expresses how Evil women can be. Yes! It is Evil.

I had a girl once that lived to see me jealous, it was such a thrill. One time, her "get my boyfriend jealous spell" failed and boy, you should have seen shock and sadness that embraced her. 11p.m that day, I had to explain how I can claim to still be in love and not being jealous, but I had a question for her.
"How can you derive so much pleasure and satisfaction from causing someone you love so much discomfort?
It didn't leave up to reason for me.

I agree with women that Jealousy can be diagnostic of love but not always. I believe it expresses more how much of selfish beings we are and our heightened sense of entitlement towards people we love; You know how little children never want to share their favourite toy or their really sweet chocolate, that's the side of people that Jealousy expresses.

Women liken the men they love to favourite toys and chocolates but it's not really the same for Men.

Dear Women, A Man is not always jealous because he is inflammed with love, a man doesn't necessarily need love. A man can be jealous over stupid things as pride, a sense of entitlement or feeling of control.
My point, Don't try to make your Man Jealous, he most likely will but it doesn't prove much. The true proof of love is actions. How he treats, talks to and about you are better pointers.

Do you agree?

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  1. Hmmmm... The anticipated! Well I think it's individual difference. Iwouldn't intentionally get my man jealous. Not like I have one though but I wouldn't derive
    pleasure from such an act.