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What's your take on prostitution?

There are three kinds of people
The Religious
The Moralists
The Liberals
And oh, the fourth kind; The confused ones, religious today, liberals tomorrow.
Every kind of person as categorised all have their take on prostitution but it is such a broad term. In a nutshell, we will define prostitution as trading sex for money.

Be you Moralists or Religious, before you raise your eyebrow, roll your eyes or frown at prostitutes, there's something I should say. At some point, alot of people have actually prostituted without full knowledge of it.
Yeah, alot of folks.

An example is The Classic societal boy-girl relationship where girl offers sex and other services in the banner of Love in exchange for Money that the Boyfriend ought to provide from time to time.
Too many girls believe it is absolutely normal for a boyfriend to give his girlfriend money. It's in the constitution.

Here's the shocker of an example. Married women aren't even exempted, its absolutely possible for a married woman to prostitute even to her husband. How?
Mrs wants money for that new red bottom shoe. She cooks the favourite meal, sets the shower, Gets into some matching lingerie and the music is Marvin Gaye. Just before Mr finishes his food, she whispers hurry to bed, I've got a special treat for you....
  Take it or leave it but she has exchanged sex for money, this time the sex had other accompanying friends.
What's the essence of all I'm saying?

I'm talking to those who know the Bible letter to letter,
People who believe so much in good upbringing and societal values, to people who believe in freedom to express yourself. Just before you brand a girl who lives off money from painful, emotion-barren sex the derogatory word that is prostitute, be sure you're not a prostitute too.

What's your own take of prostitution?

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