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10 things that ladies do in the bedroom that guys don't like!

Two weeks ago, we focused on ten things that turn girls off in the bedroom. Today we will be looking at the same for male. Yea! I know we will say that guys are animals, they are cheap and they can never say no to sex. But imagine, just imagine that after that first sex session, he refuse to pick your call or invite you over again. Imagine he gave you great sex? And now you losing a good D because of something you did. Men are scum now? No! But you fucked up during the first episode. In no particular order, here are ten things that make us not want to call you back. They are subjective. While some might mean nothing to some guys, some are really serious.


Every girl inbuilt character,  but you don't have to take it to the bedroom. Some of y'all wanna keep a conversation, ask random questions about food or money, or even ask questions about insecurities.. Hell No! Not during sex. We are not saying you should play dead, but keep the words counted.


These are one of the 200 things you should do during sex, but how much is too much? According to a personal research, guys don't like it when girls say alotta "yeah, fuck me", "kill me", "I want you to bury your cock inside of me", "fuck me harder, destroy my womb, make me crippled with your big dick" etc... Yeah you can say them twice or thrice, but you don't have to repeat them like a song chorus.


Yeah girls do alotta faking. Hair, bra, makeup, ass, and stuff but you dont bring the fakeness to the bedroom. Some of y'all fake moan and it actually becomes obvious tis fake. It is okay to let your soundtrack go soft as Enya songs or go hard like the vibes of lil Jon, but you gotta make sure that it is real. Once tis looking like a repeated pattern and the moaning aint correlating with the sexual activity or your facial expression then it has crossed the red line. Some ladies laugh when moaning,  that is for playful couples, but you dont wanna do that for the first time


This one is for the immature deep throaters. Why deep throat during a blow job when you know you gag alot? Stop it! If you have to deep throat, try to go stepwise. You don't have to get everything in your mouth at once. You can also watch tutorial videos on YouTube if you have to add that to your bedroom pleasure


This is the most subjective subject of the present era. While some guys like it unshaved majority of guys like down there shaved. Having a shaved pussy helps reduce sex tingling( which can cause turnoff), a shaved pussy reduces risk of injury due to rubbing between hair and skin. Also a shaved vj exposes the clitoris real good. This is important if you have to try oral sex positions. A shaved vj gives a neater apperance too. Remember the lines of a popular rapper, 'I like a shaved pussy no razor bumbs'.


I know someone may ask, is this even a thing? Yes, it is! While some guys find it cool to sniff your panties, so many find it really gross. This is something you dont force a new guy to do because your ex was doing it. It takes times to get him to do this. So, you dont just run your panties over his nose. Ask questions about freaky things he likes before you two get down, if he doesn't mention that, don't try it!


Yea. Ever since scientists made us understand that the male G-spot is in the prostate, so many girls want to stick their fingers in a guy's ass. Hold up! Apart from many guys finding it as a gay shit, it requires alotta trust and comfort for him to let you do that. So just like number 6, you should have asked or tried to and see his reaction. Dont ever just stick your long nails finger into a man's ass.!


Deodorant is sex best friend.  Smelling nice or breathing fresh is a sex appellant. A smelly Vagina or a mouth with garlic or onion breath can change a man's mood talk more of his sexual urge. Some guys are nice enough to endure and not make you feel bad. After the first round, they pack up. Some others will legit tell you that they can't go on cos of the weird odour. So on a personal basis, keep your hygiene 10/10.


Don't just lie there! Move those hips! Even when he is on top and doing all of the work. It can make a world of difference if you just tilt your hips up a bit and move with him. A big turn off for guys is when they feel like they are doing everything and you are not even into it. Do what you love and don't just focus on being there for him. Make suggestions, take control every once in a while, show him that you are in it and loving it and he will too.


This is a total turnoff for the session. At every available intervals, you want to know who you are to him, if he is still stucked to his ex? If you will be dumbed? If you offer better sex than his sex? Yeah. These are valid questions but not for bedroom moment. I know guys are crazy bunch but before you decide to unveil your body for him, you should have made up your mind before. Don't let the future thoughts to spoil the moment.

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  1. If boys dont like unshaved girls they should learn to shave too...🙄😒