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Company night partII

After hours of keeping up with our friends online, Becky broke the silence by saying X should go take her bath. That was my chance to come in and I did

I thought X is supposed to be our kissing judge? I asked. O! That's still on your mind? C'mon we can't just be kissing out of the blues,  we need something for the mood, Becky said

I suggested the 'never ever have I'(although it was a subtle move) but both of them went for truth and dare. We agreed that whoever doesn't agree to a dare will drink a shot of vodka but for me who is a teethotaler, I was given option of dry humping the wall for 2minutes or I pay a fine of 1k. I agreed for the fine and we set the ball rolling
One thing crossed my mind, I didn't know who X is to Becca. Are they dating? Flings? Friends with benefit or just friends?  I wanted to know so I don't get hated for picking X the whole time.
I quickly came back to myself when Becky asked me if I've been dying to fuck her all the time we've been friends..... although the thought came up once or twice, I didn't really see Becky that way. Although she had an ass bigger than my ego, smashing it was something I never pondered on.

X was next to dare and she dared Becky to roll her tongue over mine. I saw that as an opportunity to know how X will react if I over did it. As quickly as I knew,  we were tongue tied and wow, it was awesome.

Next was me and I quickly cleared my thought by asking X who Becky is to her? And to my greatest disappointment,  they are distant cousins. I quickly lost interest in the game and I decided to feign tiredness and go to bed. My thoughts of having a threesome was truncated. I left them when they were arguing if dick size mattered.
At about, 12.45am, X walked into the room I was sleeping and told me she couldn't sleep. She said she just finished getting off the phone with her boyfriend and he annoyed her. She said she needs someone to talk too so she can clear her mind. I stood up, washed my face and threw a piece of centre fresh gum in my mouth, atleast it will keep me awake and also provide a little fresh breath. 

We had barely talk for 15minutes when I mistakenly touched her ass through the transparent looking night gown and mt whole system changed. I thought of how to get between that ass. I was actually trying to channel the discussion, but really I was beating around the bush. She was the one who bluntly told me, lets fuck. One part of me wanted to act tough, but I just bent to the cliché 'all guys are cheap'. We kissed. She was like a liptician. Every single carees my lip had with hers sent shot of excitement to my hypothalamus.  I decided to take charge and I kissed from her thighs up to her neck.
I stretched my arms to reach under her shirt, and discovered she had nothing under. It was more like a free wifi to a network. I passed my fingers to reach for her boobs (guess that was her erogenous zone). I flicked over the nipples with my tongue and rolled the side of my tongue round her areola. At this juncture, she was gasping for air. She wanted more of it...... I decided to multitask. I used my tongue to trace the letters of her name over her right boob and the other hand was on the left boob giving it the best massage ever. This went on for bout 3minutes before she rolled me over and sat on me. 'You are a bad boy' she said...  but I haven't even started for real. She felt my hard cock and next thing I saw she switched to a 69. Her pussy was wet as the carribean. Pussy juice filled my face. Everything tasted alright. Her blowjob game was strong. She did it with ease, and even when she deepthroated, she didn't gag.

What next? I was already turning her over when the sound of her moan woke Becky up. When I removed the ass from my face, Becky was staring right at me with disgust.

If you wanted to fuck, you would have told me... those were the words she uttered before she bounced out of the room.

Was the statement for me or Becky? Is Becky really her cousin or her girlfriend? Did Becky ever told her she was Bi?

These and many more will be answered in part III of company night.

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