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Live and Let Live

I wrote out on my status once that "just because a person is not morally upright doesn't mean they deserve to die".
I took the thought further and realized how bias we can get. We hate on those who practice a different religion. We hate on the homosexuals, bisexuals, people who do things we dont consider normal.

I really do believe we are entitled to our thoughts, our beliefs and all that but i don't think anyone deserves to be hated just because they think/act differently.

● David Levithan is the author of Everyday and he co-wrote Will Grayson vs. Will Grayson with John Green. He his such an amazing writer; too amazing for words. He is also gay. But hey that doesn't change his words or his amazing writing.
     Troye Sivan and Sam Smith:
Both wonderful singers. Try listening to Dance to this and Too good at goodbye; then you can be the judge. They also happen to be gay.

● Halsey, Cara Delavigne; a singer and an actress. They are bisexuals.
Let's push this list further:
-Kristen Stewart
-Michelle Rodriguez
-Drew Barrymore
-Bella Thorne
-Frank Ocean
-Angelina Jolie
-Aubrey Plaza
-Amandla Stenberg
-Azealia banks..
   All bisexuals. That of Aubrey Plaza and Sia is news to me. But do i love them less? Absolutely Not!!!
Aubrey is still ridiculous and Sia is still fucking amazing.
Amandla Stenberg(Everything Everything) is still beautiful to me and i still love her boobs.
Nothing changes!
Is it too hard to ask for us to do same?

●Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner is a muslim( however secular).
So is Salah and though i dont watch football, i've been made to believe that he's pretty good.
What of SZA?!.

Enough with the bio. My point is these people are really awesome at what they do and i believe they should be loved for that instead of being hated for being "different".
Just to be clear, i'm as straight as a ruler maybe even more and believe me i feel my religion judging me right now. See, im not saying this sexuality thing is a-okay...
All im saying is that nobody deserves to die or be treated differently because of it.

Let's leave the sexualism thing.
What about the world war 2? Too many fucking people died and what was their sin? Being Jews...
How is that a crime?
  Anne Frank would probably have been a phenomenal writer but no! Some guy decided Jews were the problem of the world.
  What about the recent attack on a Synagogue? People were killed just because some crazy person has a problem with Jews. Isn't that insane?

There is just way too much hate in the world. Everyone is preaching it one way or another in the name of religion or beliefs. The church tells you to stay away from the muslims because they are sinners. The mosque justifies the killing of "non-believers".
Its just way way too much hatred. The world doesnt need that. The message is love and the ultimate race is humanity.
Nothing ever justifies hate...
No one deserves to die or suffer for not being accustomed to the norm...
Live and let live...

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