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Religious hypocrites

Najwa Zebian

You may not know her but she's a poet, an author and a public speaker. Best part; she's pretty and very amazing. She's also a muslim.

   After forgetting my Ig password for the umpteenth time, i opened another account. Realizing i had not been following Najwa, i went to her page to see what she's been up to. I came across a video where she spoke bitterly to her haters. I was a little shocked cos i've always known her to be soft spoken. It wasnt until she posted a picture with her hair showing and i noted a particular comment. It read "where is your hijab Najwa, please wear". It all made sense then. Recently, Najwa had been posting pictures without wearing a hijab and so she's been under fire for that. I guess it got to her hence the bitter video.

Lauren Daigle

She's a beautiful gospel musician. She came under fire recently for singing on The Ellen Show. We all know that Ellen is a lesbian right! I guess some "christians" thought it wrong for her to be affiliated with Ellen considering that by Bible standards, she's a sinner.

I'm not sure what my take on all these is. But i remember criticizing Tasha Cobbs for singing a song that featured Nicki Minaj. Well cos Tasha Cobbs is a gospel musician and Nicki Minaj is Nicki Minaj. On the track even, Miss Minaj was saying silly stuffs like multimillion dollar commercials for pepsi... Aunty, really?.
  That aside, i like to believe we're too quick to criticize. Too damn quick. We find it supereasy to troll someone for not doing what is right as if we do it 100%. As if there aren't laws in the Holy book that we break. I criticize pastors and tell myself they should know better. But hey we're all struggling. Nobody really finds it easy, we're all just winging it. Some better than others. So, put those fingers of yours down.
   The next time someone does anything that makes you think "she's a christian or a muslim why would she do that"; calm your tits and think back to the day before. You might find that you did or said something that your religion doesn't quite approve of.

Don't troll anyone in the name of religion. Words do more damage than you can imagine. The purpose of religion is not hate. It is quite the opposite.
  Also, criticizing a sinner or calling out a sinner does not justify your religion. Trust me! It makes you worse off.

By Sharon

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