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Premature ejaculation

Omar raises his bottle up and makes a toast to Jeffery and all of the boys roar In affirmation.
The toast? A silly reason. Jeffery just had sex with the side chick he's been "tracking" for weeks. It's yet another conquest for Jeffery the great.
Omar's shaky hands spills some of his drink as he beats on the table asking Jeffery for the juicy gist of the sex escapade.
Jeffery smirks
Shakes his head in refute but his friends cheer and press on.
He gulps another cup of his beer, brushes his hair backward and leans forward as to whisper but his voice is loud enough for neighbouring tables to hear.

"Jane nearly killed me, but trust me now, I fire her anyhow. An hour we were still on it"

Omar yelled at the bar attendant, "one more bottle for my guy here".
"But how do you do it, 1 hour???"

Jeffery drops his bottle, folds his arms and exudes gallons of pride as he says
"Bro, what can I say, the boy has got skills"

Some metres away.
There's Jane, utterly saddened that she has wasted a body count.
She has never had sex so short-lived and horrible, she could have sworn Jeffery didn't last more than 2 minutes and slept off almost after.
She was absolutely certain that was never happening again.

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Hoe story Friday and we are talking about the Indomie Boys, the 1 minute men and the quick comers.

Let's talk about Premature ejaculation.

I remember a certain post on nairaland about a drug that heals premature ejaculation. Boy o boy, it received so many comments. Boys were pleading on how to buy the drug irrespective of the cost and then it hit me...
Alot of boys struggle with premature ejaculation and yes, boys lie alot about being monsters in bed.

When it comes to sexuality, there are two things men are sensitive about; the size and how long they can last on it.
Men with relatively smaller sizes have consoled themselves by believing that it's not the size that matters but how you use it. That phrase is their hope for tomorrow.
What about men who can't last more than a few minutes before jerking to and fro like seizure patients?

What makes them uniquely handicapped?

For starters
Stress and depression are common causes of acquired premature ejaculation just like relationship issues, conflicts and performance-related anxiety. Physical causes of premature ejaculation include: conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid problems and prostate disease as well as binge drinking.
Above is what the internet will tell you.
But we both know half of the boys who experience this premature ejaculation are neither sick, depressed or anxious. It's just a harsh reality of their make up.

The truth is this.
Premature ejaculation is tantamount to being short. You just find yourself that way without a fault of your own.

How short is premature ejaculation?
Yet again, the internet would say it is ejaculation just before sex or a short after initiation of sex.

But here's the truth, women define what premature ejaculation is.
If a woman needs 20mins to feel completely satisfied then your 5 mins is a complete waste of her time but if a woman is good with 5 minutes, then your 5 minutes is just perfect.

The advice, date who matches your capability.

But the most important question is what can be done to help?
There's medical therapy.
Using lidocaine spray that contains a numbing agent may help to prevent premature ejaculation.

But for lovers of keeping it real
There's a hack
Practising stopping intercourse before ejaculation and then resuming may also help.
In other words, whenever you feel like nutting, take a pause for a couple of seconds and then fire on still.

If that doesn't work.
My brother, there's nothing God can't do
You can pray about it.
Who knows, You may get an answer...

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