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The BrotherZone

I called my sub guy and ended the call with "okay bro, thanks". What followed was "abeg abeg o, don't just brother zone me oo". I replied with fits of laughter.
  Even my bestfriend, whenever i call him bro, he replies with "this user is no longer on your contact list". It gets me every damn time.
   I'm one of those people who gets obsessed with things; so when i got started with bro, i called every single person bro, even girls. However, boys' reaction to it made me wonder, why do boys detest it when a girl calls them bro?
   As usual, i'll share what my digging fetched me... ⚔

>>> First, it may be note worthy to know why guys call themselves bro. Apparently, it is a deeper level of connection in which 2 people have transcended beyond just being friends to being brothers. It's actually beautiful especially because you won't just call any guy bro; it's a special something.

Now to the matter of importance; why does she call you bro:

♧ She does it to everyone
If this is the case, it's unlikely that she's trying to zone you or something. It could also imply that at least she likes you more than just any guy. Because though she calls everyone bro, it may just not be everyone rather, a special group of everyone. Did that make any sense?

♧ She trusts you
   She prolly calls you bro cos she feels some level of comfort and safety around you. You know, like she will around her brother. I hate to announce that she may be brother-zoning you.
   It's actually a special thing except you want to be more than that. You may make that clear. However, if honestly you know it's just a 1 time something you're searching for; don't ruin what could be a perfect friendship.

♧ She's hiding something
I could very easily fall into this category.
  There is the possibility that she's calling u bro because she has feelings for you. Weird i know! but hey some people can do pretty strange things to hide their feelings. Could be that she's scared you don't feel the same or she's just scared of rejection. Wait! Aint that the same thing? Anyway, you get the point right.
  What do you do?
They say watch out for body language, it doesnt lie...

♧ She is unsure
  Here, she is quite unsure what to do with the feelings she has for you. It may be due to some bad experiences she had in the past. So, you play the roles of a boyfriend but she still calls you bro.
   I know it seems quite unfair to be paying for crimes you have nothing to do with. But hey, that's just the way it is.
  Advice: don't rush her or force her into anything. Just go slow; earn her trust. Hopefully, neither of you gets distracted during that process... 😁

While on that subject, lemme add something for our sisters( the truth is i just want to lengthen the article, so bear with me).

What does it mean when he's calling you bro:

>>> He is brother-zoning you..
      😭. A very painful something.

>>> He is aiming for someone close to you; your sister/cousin/friend.
  Another painful thing...

>>> He wants you to be his wingman. Prolly to introduce him to girls...
  You know, like Chelsea in That Awkward Moment( if you're wondering what's that 😱, please go and download the movie).

>>> He wants you to teach him the ways of women. He can freely ask you questions about girls, sex, vagina and other feminine complications. Questions he wouldn't have been able to ask his sister, except she's a bro..
Did that make sense?
   I know these can hurt especially if you like like the boy but hey, like Uncle Jonathan said, "something good can come from being brother-zoned".
Think positive 😁

By Sharon

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