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The problem with the world

The problem with the world is people who do things to the extreme.
And yes. I say that unapologetically.
Okay, that was a tad-bit dramatic but extremism isn't the problem or even the main problem and I don't think anyone knows what the problem of the world is. It's just too many But this, gets to me more than most.
People who ruin good things by taking it too serious or not at all.

I know how vague it is to blame it all on extremism but here's what I mean.
In our Society; the African society, there are certain pillars that define us
Religion and superstition
Patriarchal Culture
And oh yes, Sex.

These parameters hold society together and an overstretch of any of these could result in big problems.


Religion is such a huge influence on Africans.
Each religion with its own set of rules and demands; religion will dictate how you dress, what you talk about, what to love and hate, what to kill, live and die for, who to be friends with and who your enemies are.
Now,imagine the effect of taking religion too serious or not at all.
I've heard people say, to be specific, I've heard Religious leaders talk with so much hate for gay people. They wouldn't even mind if they were all rounded up and killed,and the source of that hate? Religion playing a huge part.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not gay but as all Christains should, I don't hate the person But the sin.

There's a saying that no religion is better than the other and that the problem is how well we practice them, although I do not entirely agree but there's some truth to it .
If everyone did practise religion with bounds of love, irrespectively variable, we would all be alright.

I remember , I was probably in my 3rd year of medical school when I heard a conversation between two lecturers that stuck with me.
The male lecturer approached the female and asked her if she cared much for politics, she shyed away the question but He pressed on explaining how we all play politics whether we like it or not.
He said, choosing the clothes or shoe to wear daily is politics in its basic form. He ended the conversation by urging the woman to be more into politics for it is not a "dirty game" and with everyone's participation it can be better.

His words were true but the problem is this; people are either completely disinterested in politics or never want to leave power and both attitudes take their toll.
Straddling the fence on political issues puts at risk your future. It's leaving the possibility of a better life in the hands of complete idiots.
For a country like Nigeria where people have yielded to it's hopeless state. You wouldn't blame anyone who cares less for voting or campaigning but like Desmond Tutu said,

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.

Patriarchal Culture

I couldn't just say culture, it wouldn't do justice at all.
Africans love their cultural values, they will scorn at, mock and even physically abuse anyone who deviates from them. The backbone of our culture is the belief that having a penis trumps the vagina; It's the belief that women and children are under legal dependence on men and a man is supreme.

It's a society that beliefs a man without a male child has no child at all, a woman should be utterly submissive to her husband irrespective of his 'extra marital status'.

A society that would rather send a son over a daughter to school.

I'm not in support of such an adopted way of life, it gets worse when people take it to lengths.
As much as this society is glaringly unfavourable to women, it does has it toll on Men. There's so much unwanted responsibility heaped on you and it's no surprise why men have lower life expectancy to women. Men are burdened to their death with all thanks to the culture we hold dear.


Last but far from been least, Sex.
The most talked about sex.

Except you have a congenital disorder, we can all agree that sex is beyond pleasurable and yes, we like it Whether it's before or in marriage.
Our society is weird.
It will shame a woman for speaking openly about how much she likes sex and how many partners she's had but it will praise a man for exactly the same thing.
It begs the question, who should men now sleep with?
But that aside, in light of critical reasoning
Problem begins when sex is sought for with too much zeal.
No one should like sex too much, not a man and not a woman.
Untamed desire for sex is responsible for Ill habits and repulsive acts such as rape.

Sadly, we live in a society that is slowly endorsing rape by blaming a woman for it.

In conclusion, whatever you do. Do it just right
Right enough to be considered sane.
Right enough not to hurt yourself or anyone close.