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Vanity:what is and what's not

I remember a certain Facebook update; it was a picture of an old rickety Volkswagen beetle parked in an abandoned house and the text above read
"Vanity upon vanity is vanity, this used to be the garage of a rich man, now, it's in ruins....bla bla bla" the message went further to explain how we shouldn't long or live for material things because they all will fade away instead we should seek the things that won't.

As expected, folks tropped to click on that "like" icon or made affirmative comments, but, Yes, there's a big but(pun unintended)...

Saying that things come and go, reign and fade can be seen as more reason why people should get them. Yeah, think about it.
The knowledge that things fade eventually is reason enough to enjoy things while they last, it's more reason to go for the expensive stuff;that nice car, the cool shoe and all of that. They all make up good memories and stuff to brag about if you care for a little show off.

My judgement is this; Having a habit of buying cool and trending things is not vanity.
So, it begs the question what is?

Vanity in its literal sense is something that is valueless, vain and empty.
The things of life are not valueless, vain or empty nor is acquiring them vain.
The renowned king Solomon lived "The Life"
He had the Money, the wisdom, the power and oh yeah, the women. The Man probably never went a day without sex and in all of that Solomon lasts words to us, having seen it all is that Vanity upon vanity is all vanity.
What exactly did he mean?
In the last Chapter of Ecclesiastes, before that famous verse, he urged young men to remember God( do his work and live the right way) in their youth before they get old, weak and desperate.
He wanted young men to dedicate their strength to the works of God, such as preaching and being active in the things of God.
My conclusion, Vanity is the search and involvement in things that take our focus away from God. Vanity has little or nothing to do with acquiring nice or trending things, no, Vanity is loving these things more than our Creator.

If you agree, then go out and get nice, cool stuff.
Look great and maybe even expensive, it's no crime to man or to God as long as you remember your maker.

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