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When Tragedy Strikes

When tragedy strikes, it is a terrible time for everyone but not quite everyone.

● For the school authorities it's a time to fake a sympathy letter and if grave enough, declare a lecture free day...

● For the leaders and members of the departmental association, it's a time to organize and announce a rally or a march in honour of the dead.

● For the department mates, it's a time to wear black and walk in honour of their coursemate. Even though some are just going to chew gum and chat with their friends all the way.

● For the girl who craves attention, it's a time to go on social media and rant about how unfair life is; putting up pictures and writing "deep" messages.

● For the aspiring politicians, it is a time to send out BCs of comfort and sympathy; making sure their names are written in bold underneath.

● For some who are outright crazy or heartless, it is time to put up greusome pictures of the dead whilst claiming to lament. Forgetting that no one who has cared for that person will ever want to see such horrible pictures.

● For some unaffected departmental mates, it's a lecture free day to either read, watch movies or do whatever catches his/her fantasy.

● For friends and acquaintances, it is a time to either reflect, mourn or even shed a few tears.

● For the close friends and the family, it is time darkness and sadness. A time of doubt in faith; a time of disbelief in the circumstances; a time of anger at life, fate and sometimes, the dead.

● But if that person is lucky, then he/she had someone(not necessarily a love interest) who loved him/her endlessly.
These ones don't need to cry or throw a tantrum or go on a social media rave to prove their feelings. But these are the ones whose constant thoughts of the dead will keep them alive wherever they are.

By Sharon

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