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January 8th, 2019
Edo State,

St. Gregory Catholic church was where God lived. In an inner room with many T.V screens where no one else was allowed to enter. He could see every act in the world with hidden cameras that were everywhere and he would still sit down all day listening to prayers and try to decide whose prayers to answer.
He never came out, he never slept and he never ate...but he was there, sitting, watching.
These were the thoughts of 8 year old Omoye Iredia.

Perhaps if she shouted loud enough God will hear her. God will let her mother live.
She would wake up first thing in the morning to Pray for her mother who was at the Irrua specialist teaching hospital battling for her life.
She would tell God to save her,to make her strong so she could hug her mama again.
A teardrop slid from the corner of her eye.
Tomorrow she would pray. Her mama was going to be okay. Her daddy was going to bring her mama home tomorrow. Everything was going to be just fine.

And she smiled, and she slept.


January 8th,2019
Irrua specialist teaching hospital
Edo State

"Oh God please take this pain away. I'm ready to die Lord, it hurts everywhere. I can't do this anymore. I just hope my baby will be okay. God please let me die"

Dr. Mrs Iredia was moaning in pain on the bed and everyone around her could only wonder what it was that she was trying to say.
She had not spoken for a week and the doctor has said that nothing could be done for her. Her entire family still hoped for a miracle. They said she had Cancer of the lungs but her Family had the conviction that it was a spiritual case.

The Priest, Rev. Fr  John Isaja  anointed her hands and feet and he laid his hands on her head and he prayed:

"Ever living God, grant your daughter healing and save her from the cold hands of Death...Almighty and ever Living God...:

No God,No. Don't listen. I'm ready to go away , don't listen to them. Let me die. This pain is too much for me to bear. I just want to come home to you.

A teardrop slid from the corner of her eye. Tomorrow she would be in Heaven.  Her husband and children were going to be okay.  Everything was going to be just fine.

And she smiled ,and she slept.


Mr. Iredia ran out of the ward like a mad man on fire. Grandmummy collapsed on the floor kicking and screaming.
[Egbè mè ah!]

Dr. Mrs Iredia opened her eyes again. A beautiful place,  a new home! She felt so good an all the pain was gone.
Alas! She was at st. Gregory's Church!
When she found her way to the inner room, there was a man, sitting right at the centre of that room with a quintillion T.V screens.

"You know God"
She laughed as she started.
"I've always made my daughter  believe you were here so she'd come here every single chance she got. I never really knew you were here".

"I am here Vanessa, and in so many other places. I am wherever you need me to be or wherever you believe I am. I am in your mind" 
He said.
Her gaze flew her to one of the screens that had her daughter in it. Her entire family looked so sad.

"Why God! Why? Why are you so wicked and heartless.  Why did you Let this happen.  I had just one mother and you dare take her away! I hate you God.... I hate you!"

Vanessa's mouth was wide open in shock. She never believed that her sweet angelic baby would have such hateful words in her.

"Why is she saying all that to you? But I was in so much pain and I was going to die any way.  Why would they want me to suffer in agony when I could easily just go away. It hurt everywhere God, it hurt so much. I couldn't take it anymore"
She cried, sinking to the floor.

"I knew that Vanessa,but they don't.  They love you"

Deep in her soul she knew that was true. She was loved by many, too many. Afterall,  she saved lives for a living and she was very good at it.

"So what now? What happens next God?"
She asked, defeated.

"That's totally up to you. Would you go back and let the pain continue or would you stay here with me and watch them suffer from your loss." He asked.

"Can the pain never go away? Can I go back and just be okay?" She pleaded.

"No Vanessa, the infirmity is your cross to carry and you must carry it boldly and with courage" He said.

She signed. Deeply and loudly, and in tears.

"Then take me back Lord. For as long as they need me" she said. "But please, give me my voice for one minute back there"

"As you wish Vanessa"


Irrua specialist teaching hospital

The first 30 seconds of her awakening were full of shouts and laughter and joy.
When her husband  came close, she whispered to him.
"Baby,please let me die. The pain is too much for me alone. I can't take this anymore. I love you & I'll always love you but not like this. Please"

"You're a fighter Vanessa.  Fight for me . You're the axis on which my whole life resolves. I cannot live without you.  Stay with me. Stay!"

Vanessa shook her head in agony. She couldn't talk anymore. The pain was back. Is this really true love if they won't let me rest in peace. Is this love when they want me here when here is not where I want to be?

He held her hand and whispered :
"I'm here for you Vanessa. I'll always be. We'll get through this ".

And from that inner room at st. Gregory Catholic church God smiled.
Humans, of all his creations they were the most intriguing.  Believing they have vast knowledge but still, they knew nothing.