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Crazy Rich Asians Book Review

   We're going to be talking about one of the most romantic movies in 2018. However, before it became a movie, it was a book.

BOOK NAME: Crazy Rich Asians

AUTHOR: Kevin Kwan

GENRE: Romance, drama

Crazy rich asians is the first book in a 3 book series all written by Kevin Kwan. It is followed by China Rich Girlfriend and then Rich people problems.
  However, Kevin did state that when he conceived the idea for the series, Rich people problems was the first to come to him; alas, it ended up being the last book in the series.

LOCATION: Singapore, New York

   The book follows the couple Nicholas Young, a History Professor and Rachel Chu, an Economics Professor as they travel to Singapore to spend the summer as well as to attend the wedding of Nicholas' best friend, Collin. What Rachel doesn't know is that Nicholas comes from one of the richest families in Singapore and is also one of their most eligible bachelor. Nothing prepares her for the craziness and how dirty people will fight to stay rich or to ruin a budding relationship/potential marriage.

   The book also follows Astrid Leong as she settles into a marriage with a man who isn't close to being half as rich as she is. Not close at all; a fact that does take its toll on the marriage.

   Unlike most novels, this book isn't written from one person's point of view. It actually follows the conversations and thoughts of many people in the book.
  Each chapter comes with a heading of who is talking or thinking at that particular point in time.
  E.g Chapter 1

Chapter 2

.... and so on.
     I love this style of writing for the same reasons i mentioned above. I like to believe it's important to know what other people thought or felt as the story unfolded.

 Well it's no news that i hate most movie versions of books but i think Crazy rich asians did okay. Maybe a 5.6/10.
  I say this because it didn't do justice to Astrid and Michael's story; it particularly does not mention Charlie Wu, Astrid's ex boyfriend.
   Also, all that showdown between Rachel and Nicholas' mom definately doesn't happen.
   The movie also doesn't give a grasp as to what Nicholas gave up for Rachel. Although, we actually don't get a good grasp of that until the 2nd book.
   One thing is for sure though, the movie has a way more romantic and probably better ending than the book does.
  Also, the cast was absolutely perfect.

 The book gets a little boring at some point, just a little sha. And those Asian phrases and slangs were absolutely annoying. Even though the meanings were placed at the end, it's still a lotta work to keep going back to crosscheck.

   I started a personal rating system for all the books i read. It's a star rating system with a maximum of 5 stars(except the book is mindblowingly awesome).
   On this rating system, Crazy rich asians gets 3 stars... ⭐⭐⭐
Pretty good right..

   If you're still wondering that, then i'm afraid you're probably not a book person. Book people read because there is a book available to be read.
  But to encourage you...
Read this book so you can actually understand how much Nicholas loved Rachel; don't depend on the movie version.
   Also, you get a good grasp as to why people say "beneath wealth is all dirt".

  So, go on and download / buy this book. If you really are interested, i won't mind sharing my copy...

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