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Let's talk about Female Orgasms

A friend came up to me once and said she wasn't "sure" if she had ever had an orgasm. I said, "Honey, if you had an orgasm you would know it".

In light of that 
Let's talk about Orgasms 

Orgasms, Cum, climax, nut or whatever name there is to call It is the pivotal part of sex. It's the very essence for starting the process. Sex without orgasm is like Cake without icing or even sugar. Yeah, Sugar. This highlights how important it is.

Ever since 1948 when Alfred Kinsey launched modern sex research, one finding has been confirmed and re-confirmed over and over again. Compared with men, women are considerably less likely to have orgasms. Men report orgasms in approximately 95 percent of heterosexual encounters, but for women, depending on the study, the figure ranges from only 50 to 70 percent.
It gets even worse, some women die not ever having an orgasm.

Why? Two possibilities. Something about the women, or something about the sex.

For Women?
Certain factors play a role.
1. Beliefs: religious and cultural beliefs influence a great deal how women would enjoy sex. A woman who feels she's disappointing her God, her Family and herself is definitely less likely to have an orgasm unless the sex is too good to shut all of her thinking faculties from functioning.

2. Relationships. As happiness with the relationship increases, women’s likelihood of orgasm increases modestly.

3. Sexual Truama: women who have experienced incest, sexual abuse or rape are more likely to enjoy sex less or hate the activity entirely.

For the sex?
The problem is varies from foreplay and the sex itself.
If hearing the word foreplay includes kissing mouth and breasts, then there's a problem.
Other sexual activities as hand massages, fellatio and cunninlingus should be in the mix. These activities increases the chances of achieving female orgasms.

And the sex itself?
The argument of size comes in
Does it matter ?
And How much does it matter?

Well, the old saying that "It's not by the size but how you use it" is what I go buy.
Regardless of how big or how not too big, using it properly and for how long matters.

Now, to the gist of the matter.
The types of orgasms and how to achieve them...

Paramount on that list is the clitoral orgasm.
It's called sahajoli, or "the thunderbolt," because the clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings. That's twice as many as a penis! Activating these nerve endings creates an incredible amount of electricity.

How to have one?
Circle the tip of the clitoris with the tip of your finger or tongue to stimulate arousal. Try moving from smaller circles to larger ones. Vary the pressure from a feather-light touch to pushing down harder. There's no harm in increasing the number of fingers in your circling,stroking or tugging of the clitoris.

It's often believed that the clitoris is the gateway to other orgasms.

2. Vaginal Orgasm
This one has it's origin from the walls of the vagina.
It comes from the repeated back and forth thrust of the penis especially in lightning motion.
You know that point when she's tapping on you on the back and screaming "faster". Yeah, there you have it. It's the vaginal orgasm coming.

3. G- spot orgasm
How to have one:

To find the G-spot, curve your first two fingers like the letter C and slide them into the vagina. Feel for a little soft spongy piece of skin behind the clitoris. You can massage it by making a come-hither movement with your curved fingers. Vary between fast and slow strokes. You can also tickle the clit simultaneously at the tip or place pressure on or above the pubic bone.

Don't be surprised if this type of stimulation leads to a sudden explosion of wetness, or ejaculation.

4. The nipple-gasm
Well, this one is quite rare and requires way too much patience but for the sake of knowledge and how we may never just know.

Here is How to have one:

Begin by touching the belly. Start with strokes around the belly, rib cage, and in between the breasts to tease .

The big secret for this massage is edging, which is finding the edge of pleasure and teasing until the body responds by begging for more. Go slowly.

Once you just can't wait anymore, start by tracing the areolae with a feather-light touch until the nipples become erect. Then, start gently pinching.

Well, brethren. This ends it.
Have your say on the comment section and let's know what you think...

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