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The Marriage Fire

It was 2am when Alex turned to stir his wife awake. He started kissing on her back and neck which he knew she liked but instead he was met with a groan.

" Come on Alex, not now..."

" Not again Linda!.
This is the 3rd day in a row that you've refused me.."

" Im sorry...
But i have to be up in 2 hours to cook and prep the kids for school..
I will make it up to you i promise.."

Alex turned to face the wall.
"If i smile at another girl now the world will say im cheating..
Why won't i cheat when my wife won't give me what is mine?"

"Alex, dont talk like that now.."

With no response to his wife pleas, Alex drifted into an uneasy sleep.

That morning proceeded with Alex giving Laura monosyllabic answers and skipping breakfast. Tired from the stress of getting up early and getting the kids ready coupled with her husband's attitude, Laura sat in her car and cried after saying goodbye to her kids.

This is a scenario we've probably seen or heard of. I don't know about you but it made me wonder, what actually goes wrong?
 Is there something couples do or don't that brings them to this point?
What can be done to prevent it?
   I don't very well know for sure but i think these may be useful to note:

    I was in class one day when we were moaning about being tired. The lecturer was amazed that we were complaining and asked us if we know what time she had to get up that morning; we took guesses at 5am or 6am. She laughed and said "if i get up by that time, everything aff finish na". It made me wonder what time she actually woke up.
   Its super tough being a working, married woman; I mean they are the real Wonderwomen. They cook, clean, cater for children, prep for work etc.
   Now this is where the men come in. Times have changed. We're long past the era where the men went to work, came back and then spent the evenings drinking beer in front of the television while the women did every chore possible.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with helping out: offer to pick up the children from school, cook/clean sometimes if you can, just help out anyway you can.
  Asides the fact that this increases your sexiness in her eyes about 20-fold, it also helps free up her schedule enough to have time for you.
 And you know, a happy woman makes a happy bedroom...

Repeat after me!
Say no to monotony!
Please don't make sex another chore for her. It should be fun and something she looks forward to.
   Don't go all Kahl drogo on her. Find out what she likes, her turn-on spots, her favourite positions; find out how to please her.
    I remember in the book The colour purple, Shug Avery was asking Celie about her sex life and when Celie said she just lets him do his business and get off, Shug looked at her and told her she's still a virgin.
  For a lot of you ehn, your wives are still virgins; you still haven't figured out how to make her enjoy sex. You need to make her enjoy it till you're not the only one asking for it.
      Sometimes, leave the bedroom. Try the dining table, the slab in the kitchen, the bathroom; drive each other crazy. What happened to quickies? You know there's actually nothing wrong with leaving your kids with grandma and being together for the weekend, just the two of you.
   Don't kill that fire....
And for the females, be vocal. Let him know what you want, what you like.
Quit fake-moaning!!!!
 What the hell is the point of boosting his ego while you're sexually miserable?

   After marriage, a lot of women tend to let themselves go. They get outta shape, outta fashion and sometimes outta themselves.
   Guys love to show off their ladies. They love to let people know how hot, sexy, beautiful or smart their girls are. They want to show off the big tits and massive butts etc. I don't think it's fair to take that away from them.
  So what if you've had children? So has Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon, CardiB and they still look delectable.
 So get in the gym, work that body and look awesome for yourself as well.
Because having a great body will definitely build your ego.
   Work that brain too.
nothing is sexier than a smart girl.

   Guys too;
We like our guys sexy.
So find a way to eliminate that budding pot-belly.
 Look good, dress nice.
Bottom line is Improve yourself.
Physically, mentally, sexually and whatever way possible.

  In conclusion,
Guys please stop demanding sex from your wives as if its your right. These women are humans, not animals. Don't just climb them and expect action. They deserve to be wooed, seduced and desired. The entire package...

By Alaska

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