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Poems by Hope

My deep Dark memory 

Halloween memories
Spooky and mysterious ,staring through the mask were strange pair of eyes
Staring back was an innocent glow from a nice little witch just the right size
The moon was a Fresnel light on each little step
The blood stains around vampire’s lips , his dracula cape flowed delicately with the wind
His smile radiated energy from the stars
Finally tiny hands were interlocked as candy dropped slowly
My brave little vampire
A decade is lost , ten Halloweens gone
Beneath this magical tree i wait
Pulling every dracula to find you
Searching through every strange spooky eyes
Memory forever cherish
The little witch is all grown
She carries burdens in place of candies
anxiety fits like a hat , uncertainty grows
It’s a deep dark memory.

Am sorry I don’t look perfect
Am sorry i add weight easily
Am sorry I don’t act girl
Am sorry i don’t keep my promises
Am sorry i act up at times
Am sorry I changed
Am sorry i cry alot
Am sorry i give up easily
Am sorry am me
If i were a mirror would you see me
Or a reflection of who you want me to be
All perfection , no rejection
No past mistakes with smooth complexion
A clean slate embogdied in curves
a sparkling smile with all the right words
Just the right height and impeccable hair
All the charm in the world with a touch of flair
Never sick , never down , no complains to be spoken
Not a care in the world and surely not broken
A true work of art wearing the latest fashion
Nothing but love and oozing with compassion
A delicacy of style and nothing but grace
Exquisiteness and glamour all over my face

Would you see this things or a trance
Would you give the real me a chance
Would you see my blunders and errors
Would see the dark past within this skin
The stain on my smile and the curses within
No elegant posture, the filth in my hair
Lacking in charisma and flair
Glamour is something am missing

This is who i am
I would hope you would see what’s there and real
I wish you would see me in some appeal
For i can only be me and me alone
With all of this flaws in flesh and bone
Take it or leave it i refuse to change
No matter how broken and strange

The Hustler 
Can you hear the squeaky wheel from the barrow as the pusher drives past you
Can you hear the comforting sizzling coal burns around as a locally made hand fan caresses the fire beneath the corn
Can you hear the voice of a gala seller outside your car while you horn
That is the voice of a hustler

Listen to the blat of an okada and the full throated growl of a truck
To the dripping beats of sweats on the face of a traffic warden as the traffics howls in both direction
Listen to the abokina’s clink of metal and the brush of boot struck
Listen as The fire hissed softly and the log shifted with a little shower of sparks beneath the suya stand while making selection
Listen to the sound of my pen as it vomits ink all over the pages of my book
Listen to the voice of a hustler
[13/01, 19:32] HopeL: Broken wings
Blunders written all over my skin
Error gravely stamped on my tongue
Stench of dead dreams surrounds me
Lost appetite of being alive
Regrets turned tattoo
Stapler holding wings together
Hope glued behind me
I’d fly again with my broken wings 

Poems by Hope

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