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The Monsters We Are

Remember the "casablanca" video?
In it, A man was praying aloud in a crusade. He was shouting to God about his woes; He kept on mentioning a name, "Casablanca".
He prayed about his compulsion to always visit Casablanca to the ruin of his beautiful family . He begged God to give him the strength to refrain from visiting Casablanca.

In this man's moment of honesty with God, someone or some people saw the humour in the scenario and decided to make a video of it for the "likes".
As expected, alot of people laughed at it and shared it even further till it got to me; but it puzzled me. Don't people see the damage, the ruin we cause others for the sake of some hours of fame or approval?

Take this story for an example.
Making that very video is a blatant exhibition of disrespect for God, the man and his family. Does anyone care how his wife, kids and friends would react to hat video? That video has all it takes to ruin that man's life almost completely but no one cares as long as they are entertained.

It doesn't end here.
People are of a habit of posting "death" pictures;often grotesque to publicise the death of a friend or someone they barely knew. I don't read minds but I'd bet a fortune that people post these pictures not Because they grieve but for the recognition. Yes, it goes to show how far people would condescend to be recognised. Nobody thinks about the actual grieving Mother and oh, the siblings seeing the horror of the "death" picture all over social media. Nobody cares as long as they get the likes.

It makes me wonder what is it about social media that compels us to be this insensitive and cruel.
Maybe Man has an in-depth need to be respected, appreciated and recognised. Maybe or Maybe not but I may never know
The message I preach is this.
Let us be responsible to one other
It is a call to be thoughtful in recognising that all actions affect, sometimes deeply and also, come to the realisation that the social media "likes" are often short-lived and ultimately insignificant even though the feeling is nice when it lingers.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction
Isaac Newton.

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  1. Is the need for validation part of man's needs or is there something wrong with having that desire...

  2. Part of man's need that becomes wrong when it negatively affects another man