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The Art Of Medicine: the myths & facts

I wasn't one of those kids that always knew they wanted to be doctors; those kids that played with stethoscopes and that kid doctor set. No... Matter of fact, the closest inkling i had to medicine was watching ER every Tuesday i think on Silverbird. However i was induced into Medicine by my basic science teacher. For some weird reason, i miss him.

    As a teenager, i watched Combat hospital and TheMindyProject, Both med-related series. Mindy was funny, CombatHospital made me think about being an army doctor. The only problem being, i wouldnt have survived the training.

   My point is... I had a very sacred idea about doctors. It was amazing to see people save lives. I felt doctors were the most selfless people in the world. So believe me when i say nothing prepared me for what i met when i got into med school.

    The first thing that happens to you is that you start to doubt how intelligent you may be. The consultants make it a point of duty to show you that. Everyone expects you to know and remember everything; & I'm just like, How can i? And then the insults, the never_ending insults. And they tell us, its all part of the process... Really??

    I have always believed all courses are difficult in their own way but trust me, Med is draining.
Mentally and emotionally... You literally read for a living. It takes all your time and almost owns you... I remember in Flatliners when one of em literally broke down in tears. I cant even count how many times i've wanted to cry and scream out. Anything to let out the frustration; the stress.

    Maybe its my school but in Med, nobody wants to make it easy for you. Every single person wants you to feel the stress, the pain. And all i can think is what's the point?? Why are they trying desperately to break us?? (ThankGod for elastic hearts).
Another thing i hated was the seniority thingy. Stand up for your superiors. Do this, do that... Oh God... Can it get any worse???

     I think the most painful part of it all was seeing that doctors were not who i dreamed them to be... Most doctors i've seen are people who are just trying to get the job done and not about saving lives, those in it for the money/security, those without any iota of care or compassion. I think of all things,that literally broke my resolve and i knew i didnt want in.

        If i ever get the chance to go back in time. If somehow i find a Madam Zoya or a Hiro Nakamura... I would go back and i would not pick med. And i know im not alone on this. Some of us are still in it cos its too late to go back. While for some of us its cos where we are from, we dont give up no matter what.

      I promise the aim is not to discourage but to prepare... Dont get carried away with the doctors you see on tv or the people you see on ward coats smiling. It's harder than that. And just so you know, if you're not in love with it, if you dont have passion for it, dont try it because it's that passion that sees you through.

I stand with Eric. You should too!!!


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