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The First Time

Elia screamed and turned around to see Don.
"What in Shakespeare is the matter with you?"
  "I should be asking you stalker."
 "I'm not a stalker!"
"You're not?
Care to explain why you're following me around?"
  "I'm not foll...; it's not what it looks like."
 "Enlighten me!"
"Here's not private enough."
"Come with me", Elia said as she pulled Don along with her...

Don stared at Elia for moments after she had finished talking.
"Let me get this straight, you want me to have sex with you?"
  "It sounds wrong when you say it like that."
"How does that explain you stalking me?"
  "For Pete's sake i'm not stalking you...
I was... checking you out."
   Elia raised her head to Don and was met with him raising an eyebrow at her.
  You don't expect me to just sleep with anybody!"
    I'm guessing i passed your test. This arrangement, what's in it for me?"
   "I will help you with your MTH assignment. Calculus to be precise"
  That's awfully tempting."
  "Do we have a deal?"
"I believe we do."
     With that, Don got up and left. Elia on the other hand was feeling triumphant; her plan was finally in motion.

                      ■ ■ ■ ■

"I know you're wondering why we're here.. again."
   "Tell me."
"Well contrary to what most people think i don't sleep around randomly."
  "Yes you do.
   I watched you for a month remember?"
"Yes stalker..
But i'm not a flirt or a prostitute. I'm just a guy who likes sex and appears to be fairly good at it.
  Besides, i think i can tell you something about every girl i've slept with in the past 1 month."
  "Cocky much?
   Let's see."
Elia opened a file that read Don.
"Jeez!! Now you're really starting to freak me out!"
  "Calm down.
I just like to document stuff."
 "Did you spy on me while we were at it?"
 "Of course not, Elia replied with a grin.
 So, tell me about the girl with red hair; the one you came home with on Sunday."
That was Rachael.
She loves Bruno mars, is in English department and would love to own a tamed tiger."
"And yes how could i forget, she gives a terrific blow job."
  Elia stared at him with eyes widened by a mix of surprise and amusement.
"Would you like to know more?"
  Elia nodded.
"There was Tracy.2 weeks ago. Law. Detests Donald Trump. Her boobs were soft and awesome but she moaned too loudly. It was annoying.
   Hah yes! Gloria...
She's actually an amazing person. She's got a tiny tattoo of a dragon on the inside of her left thigh; kissing it makes her squirm, in a good way. She's bisexual actually."
   "I think you've made your point. You want to learn about me so you can tell your next conquest."
  Don laughed and said "loosen up Elia, we're just having fun."
 "So what about me?"
Don pretended to think for sometime before turning to Elia, "asides the fact that you're a bookworm? You like Ed Sheeran a little too much. You're a helpless, hopeless romantic. You like tattoos but you're too damn scared of needles. On the long run, you hope to save the world from as much pain as you can. How did i do?"
  "I'm not a helpless, hopeless romantic!"
    You should see your face when you watch or read cute stuffs."
Elia laughed.
  "And yeah, you laugh like a child.", Don added.
   "No i don't."
   Seeing the look on Don's face, Elia burst into laughter again.
"Drinks are on me by the way."
   "How chivalrous of you", Elia mocked.
 "Not really.
  I'm a part time bartender here. Just not working tonight."
 Silence ensued for a while before Don broke the ice.
"Your name is a little weird. What does it mean?"
   "It's short for Ophelia.
    My mother has a huge crush on Shakespeare."
"Fair enough.
 Although i think Miranda would have suited you better."
  Elia screwed her face in disgust. "Your turn jerk."
"My name.
In Greek, it means handsome although some translations say hero."
  "Well, they got the handsome part right", Elia muttered to herself.

  Why are you planning to cheat on your boyfriend?"
   "I'm not cheating on Jasper."
  Sleeping with another guy is not cheating?"
  "The motive is different."
"Is it?"
   "You don't get it.
   I don't want to be 18 and still be a virgin."
"What makes Jasper incapable of doing that?"
  Elia was exasperated.
"Cos you're going to teach me. I can't be staring at my boyfriend after he's been waiting and have no idea what to do. You're going to show me how to have sex wild enough to drive him crazy."
   Elia looked around, people were starting to stare; she had no idea she had raised her voice.
"Let's not get terchy now El."
 "I'm sorry i raised my voice."
"No biggie..
Quick question..
1st kiss experience."
There's no way that can rile her up, Don thought to himself.

   Elia chuckled. "I was 16. My book club threw a party and invited the guys from the science fiction club. We played a decent truth or dare..."
   "What the hell is a decent truth or dare. Truth or dare is supposed to be indecent. That's the freakin' point."
 Elia rolled her eyes and continued,
 "Drew was asked to kiss the person next to him. It was either me or the weird guy with chronic rhinitis."
 "That is so horrible."
"Thank you", Elia beamed.
"Your turn."
   "Hah! Where do i start?
MaryAnne gave me my 1st kiss."
"Beware of girls with double names."
  "You gat it right baby.
    The entire family had converged for a wedding. The kids were up late gisting and playing silly games. I was at a corner beneath the staircase reading a book..."
   "What book were you reading", Elia interrupted.
  "The Hobbit."
Seeing Elia nod, Don continued. "MaryAnne sat beside me and peered into my book. She asked if i had ever been intimate with anyone. She was older than i was. I opened my eyes in shock and shook my head. She then closed my book and held my hand. We sat there for a while until we heard someone calling her name. She was about getting up before she kissed me on my neck. She trailed the kisses up to my chest. Then she touched my cheek and kissed my forehead before she left.
 It was one of the best moments of my life. I like to think she didn't kiss me for real because we were related."
   Spluttering, Elia shouted between coughs, "related? That's like incest."
"Not really.
  She's my cousin by marriage. We are not really related by blood. Besides, we didn't really do anything wrong."
As she said that, the bar seemed to spin around her and she spilled her drink.
  Don reached for it before she dropped the cup. "I think you've had a little too much to drink."
  I'm fine." , Elia said, slurring her words a little.
   "Come on", Don said, annoyed with himself for not paying attention to her drinking.

   Elia was still protesting when Don lifted her from the chair and carried her over his shoulder.
  When they got outside, he realized they may have a transport problem. How the hell was a drunk girl supposed to hold on to him on a most likely fast moving bike?
  Seeing no other way, he took a strap of clothing, wrapped it around Elia's waist after she had gotten on the bike. He then brought the strap forward and anchored it in front of him. Happy with his work, he started the bike and drove off into the night.

Getting to his apartment, he was careful to extricate himself from the strap whilst holding on to Elia who had fallen asleep. Carrying her in his arms, Elia stirred and murmured, "you smell so good Adonis". Amused that she had called him his full name, he smirked and said, "it's the drink talking baby."
  He set her on the bed but as he got up to leave, Elia held on to his jacket.
  "Okay, let me just.."
She shook her head and whispered, "please."
  With that, he took off his sneakers and laid down next to her. She snuggled closer into him while he wrapped his arms around her.
  "Where is MaryAnne?"
"She's err...
  She moved to Ghana but we still talk. She's actually my sex educator/therapist."
  Elia giggled, "your sexapist."
Don smiled and listened to Elia's breathing as it slowed. He willed himself not to think about how her lips were slightly parted as she slept; how warm her skin felt next to his and how much he wished he could just exist here for a while longer. However, as his eyelids grew heavy, he cursed sleep for being the thief of this moment.

                   ■ ■ ■ ■

    Elia woke up to a slight headache and the sound of running water. She looked at her wristwatch, the time read 2:15am. She sighed and tried to remember where she was.
 She was in Don's room.
Did anything happen between them?
Well she still had her clothes on.
Sighing again, Elia reached for the bedside lamp. Squinting as she adjusted to the light, she took in Don's room. Sparsely furnitured, with just a giant bed, a swivel chair and a mahogany desk. The desk reminded her of how Don's arms felt; strong and capable.
 Elia shook her head as if to shake the thought off. She went back to stare at the room; the walls had pictures but not of naked playboy girls as most guys had. There were pictures of bands, movies, video games as well as sketched pictures.
  The table held school books and art materials. The shelf told a story of fictional books: Lord of the rings, the Hobbit by JR Tolkkien, It by Stephen King, Game of thrones by George Martin. He sure has a peculiar taste in books, Elia thought to herself.
  The lowest part of the shelf housed a drawer. Elia pulled it open to discover lots of condoms. "Jeez how much sex does this guy have", Elia muttered.
  Shit, she had to pee.

  She walked towards the bathroom and knocked on the door.
 "Sorry Don, i need to pee."
"Can't it wait just a little longer?"
  "Unless you don't mind me peeing on your carpet."
"Fuck", Don swore.
  "I'll be quick.
    Promise i won't peek."
If i tried exactly this i'll probably be sued for illegal staring at a girl's naked body."
  "Very funny."
   Don hurriedly tied a towel around his waist and opened the door. Elia walked in and while she peed she looked around. From the low light to the blue tiles and the boy who was looking away, she liked what she saw.
  Out of the bathroom, Elia wondered why she hadn't been shy to pee knowing Don was listening. Blaming it on residual effects of alcohol intoxication, she went back to the bed. After some moments, she walked back to the bathroom door and asked,
  Why didn't we?"
  "Rule number 1 Elia, don't have sex when you're wasted unless that's exactly what you're trying to do."
She could still blame alcohol or the fact that she had been possessed, but Elia didn't know why she felt what she was feeling. She reached for the bottle of JackDaniels on the table, took a very large sip and then taking off her clothes, she opened the bathroom door and walked in.

  Elia what the fuck are you doing?"
  Don looked at her in confusion. "Are you sure?"
 Elia nodded.
   Don reached for her hand and pulled her closer. After taking a deep breathe he said,
  " Instead of talking, i could just show you."
  Elia shivered as Don spoke and then she whispered, "show me."
Basking in her newly discovered bravado, Elia turned the shower knob and stepped under it, pulling Don with her. She placed her arms around his neck and then Don lifted Elia's leg and placed it over his shoulder. Then he kissed her vagina. It felt weird and sweet at the same time. He went on kissing her there and then his tongue started moving in circles around her clit. Feeling like her head was going to explode, Elia let go of the rails keeping her steady and put her hand over her head as if to keep it in place. With that her weight crashed Don and they fell to the ground.
  "Jesus Elia, are you alright?"
Elia smiled as she lay on the wet floor and then began to laugh.
  Don looked at her and smiling said, "you are helluva sexy drunk sweetheart."
  Pulling her up, Don led Elia to the slab attatched to one end of the bathroom. He directed her to sit over his already erect penis.
  "What? Did i do it wrong?"
"No no...
  I forgot condoms."
   "That's okay. I'm safe."
Don grinned. "Come baby. Careful."
Elia sat on Don carefully as he had asked and winced a little as it got deeper.
 "All good?"
Elia nodded.
"What? How?"
 Hands on my butt, Don lifted me up and down, his eyes closed. It didn't take me long to get the hang of it and soon i was moving faster. It felt exhilarating and the look on Don's face was excellent motivation. As my legs got tired, i slowed before coming to a stop. We sat there; me on him, him in me, my legs wrapped around him, his hands, one holding me, the other stroking my back.

   I was drifting off when i felt him get up. I stood next to him as he ran soap over my body. He was about doing same for himself when i held his hand back and collected the soap. I ran it over his body as he had done for me.
  When i reached lower, i held his now flaccid penis and began rubbing the tip. Don gave out a moan of satisfaction. Noting his reaction, i rubbed further and faster. I felt good watching him. I was basking in that euphoria until Don grabbed my hands.
 You're too fast a learner, Elia."
   "Being a nerd has it perks Don."
Please stop before i pass out."
  Elia laughed.

   They finished bathing after which Don carried Elia to the bed. They lay together side by side; Elia's head on Don's chest, tracing circles over his skin.
   "Tell me about the posters on your wall?"
 "The band is The Lumineers. You'll know them with the song Hey ho. My favourite is actually Stubborn love.
   The others are movie posters from Lord of the rings, Fast and furious and then Big bang theory.
   The picture is something i sketched for a project in 100 level. I never turned it in."
   "You know you're lowkey a nerd, Adonis."
 Don laughed. "Yeah maybe i am."
   Elia stiffened as she picked on the hair on my chest.
 "What's on your mind?"
"I know i'm not Rachael but would you mind if i practised a blow job?"
"It's okay if you're not intere.."
  Don shook his head.
"It's not that.
 You giving me a blow job will turn me on and make me want you."
  Elia smiled a little. "I don't mind that."
  Elia held Don's penis in her hand and felt it throb. The feeling made her smile. As she placed him in her mouth, she felt him harden. It felt weird at first but as she got the hang of it, she basked in the high the sound of Don's moans brought her.

It happened in a split second. Don grabbed Elia and flipped her to the bed where she landed with a soft thud. He pushed his fingers into her. It hurt at first but as he continued, it turned into painful pleasure. He massaged her clit and the feels sent shivers through her.
  "Adonis, please.", Elia pleaded.
Don smiled at her as he pulled his fingers out.
  "Ready baby?"
Elia nodded impatiently.
  Don took hold of Elia's legs and pulled her closer to him. She was so wet; i slid in without any effort. Elia felt so good, i had to bite down on my lip to keep from saying her name too much. I liked the sound of Elia's moans. It was soft and tainted with my name. I would have given anything to listen to it over again.
   Elia's legs started to shake and then went limp; as if on a cue, her vagina tightened around me. I pulled out of her as carefully as i could. Bent over, i tried to catch my breath. I stole a glance at Elia; her eyes were closed, her arms spread out, her hair was a mess. It was a beautiful kind of horrible. I kept staring at her making sure i had it memorized until my sketch pad could preserve this moment for me.

               - - - - - - - - -

The first thing i noticed was the silence. It could only mean one thing, Elia had left. I sat up and looked around. Her clothes were gone; there was a stick-it note next to a brown package on the table.
 "It was an amazing lesson.", the note read. The package contained my calculus assignment. Well, Elia is nothing if not thorough.
  Not bothering to put clothes on, i reached for my sketch pad. Ignoring the empty feeling, i tried to recreate the beautiful disaster i had seen a few hours ago.
                      ■ ■ ■ ■

I willed that name to have the power to abolish the other 6-lettered name in my head.
You love Jasper, Ophelia.
Whatever happened between you and him was an arrangement.
It means absolutely nothing.
 I repeated this mantra in my head hoping it would silence the doubt in my head.
             - - - - - - - - - - - -
Elia was avoiding me. I wasn't that hard to tell considering that i'm an expert in that aspect. I didn't expect to be cool friends or whatever; i just didn't think she wouldn't want to see me again. I watched her today as she sat next to Jasper. She had jam on close to her mouth, Jasper leaned forward and kissed it. Guess our lesson was productive.
 I'm not falling for Elia. It's more like my body craves hers. So damn much and it's driving me slightly crazy.

                     ■ ■ ■ ■

I was bent over my bike changing the oil when a shadow hung over me. I looked up to see her.
 "Hey stalker!", i said.
"Hey tutor!
 Any chance i can get a late night lesson."
  I smirked.
"Sure thing baby."
   With that, i kissed her with all the desire i had kept pent up for days. It was going to be a long night. A good one.

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