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The Way of Hypocrites

There's hardly a day I don't see at least a tweet, Facebook or WhatsApp Status Update about either Fake Friends or Hypocrites.
Sometimes it seems like everyone wants loyalty But a few are willing to give it.

Over time, I have said that everyone is a fake friend/hypocrite to someone and at the end of it, we are all hypocrites.

Today, we seek God's view.
What does God think of Hypocrites?
What are the kind of People He considers to be Hypocrites?

Well, welcome to the WAY OF HYPOCRITES.

In Giving; MATTHEW 6:1
"They give publicly before men; in other to be seen by them..."

Verse 2,
"They tell others about what they've given so that they may be recognised or praised"

What does God say is the right way?
Verse 3,4
"But when you give to charity, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,"

"Give in secret,and let God reward you in the open"

And in Praying;
"...They love to pray openly, for them to be seen"
"...They repeat phrases and use multiple words, to increase their length of prayer"

The Right Way?
"Do not heap up phrases for God knows what you need before you ask"

This taught me something.
It is that what matters most isn't what is done but the manner and motive behind it.
In other words, it's what in the heart that matters most.
The way of the hypocrite is backed by self gratification and public approval.
It's a lifestyle that worries about what people think of you.
The lifestyle God's want is that which seeks His approval only.

Taking this knowledge and applying it into everyday relationships and friendships, the true friend is that whose motives surrounding their actions are of good intent even when the action fails to meet the motive.
A true friend Is that who wants what is best for you even if it means staying away from you.

The prayer is that we all have that ability to discern motive.

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