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What happened to Rita

It started on a Friday Evening

I was on my way from Choir rehearsal
Truth be told, I'm a terrible singer.
I don't go to learn. I've tried a thousand times, I'm not just blessed with that voice. I go to listen to the singer's . The harmony is beautiful.

So, yes...on this Day.
He came to me, he wasn't the dream tall,dark and handsome.
He had shrunkened eyes with sonorous voice.

"Hey, I've noticed you a lot of times"

I could barely say anything
Not a word in return.

In my defence, I made my "not interested in talking to you face"
 So I could get out of the situation.
He dropped his eyes down, took a few steps backward and said he was sorry and left.

I don't know why
But at that very moment. I felt some rush of guilt.
If I could, I would have rewind time to be more polite.

Its just, since Rita's heartbreak. I've been so scared of boys.
Rita is my best friend
And damn, she went crazy when she caught her "virgin" boyfriend doing "unvirgin" like things to his supposed cousin.
It gets worse. He didn't flinch or crawl on the floor begging for forgiveness. He walked to the door. Told her it was over and continued his business.

Her pain sent chills to me

I've never been in love.
Not because I don't want to but because I don't want to be Rita.


Another Choir Rehearsal

I cared less about the singing
I wanted to make amends
I walked to him.
I could see the grin he tried so hard to hide.
I apologised for the last time and lied that I was a bit under the weather.
He smiled, asked for a handshake and said "Truce?"

I shook his hands and made a nod.
As I turned to leave, he said "I don't know your name. My name is Austin"

And that was it
The very beginning
A talk and another talk
A walk and another walk
I was knowing Austin

He was Smart, surprisingly so.
He had this lost look about him

He was funny, sometimes too funny.
But sadly, he wasnt religious at all.
He didn't like the church.
He just liked to sing.
It was the deterrent
But still, he was fun to be with.

I still remember the date
It was the 5th of March
A Tuesday Evening, we walked through the back of Pa Chimezie's house. He told me, "I like you, I like you Rachael"

I was definite, I knew I liked him back
But hell no, I wasn't going to say it back.
I smiled, maybe blushed a tiny little bit and said " I know, friends like each other, I like you too" and tapped him on the back and said, let's go.

There was the awkward silence
Would you blame me?
I was scared to death.

As we got to my house, he asked for a hug, as my hands wrapped across his neck and his hands behing my back
He stared deep into my soul.

And slowly
Reached out to kiss me.
I didn't kiss back
I couldn't. I wanted to be able to blame him after it all.
But I liked it nonetheless

After the moment, he leaned back, held my hand and said.

I watched him walk away.
I was in trouble.
I was falling in love
Slowly into the abyss of uncertainty.I'll spare you all the details.
Know, it's already 3 months into our relationship.
Yes, I gave Austin a chance.
The chance to either make or break me.It's been an awesome 3 months but something was missing

Austin never spoke of any Ex's
Not a single one.
And he had only 3 friends.
They never speak to me in more than 2 sentences
It was a bit weird until this happened.

We went out with his friends
For a night out.
I didn't want to wear much.
I had t shirt on without my bra and a short.
And the cold wasn't fair to my nipples
They were mighty shooting out of my shirt.

Some other guy at a table close to us wouldn't stop staring.
It was grossly uncomfortable.

As I stepped out to receive a phone call. He walked up to me and before he could say a few words.
Austin walked up to me, held me by the hand and asked that we go back to our seats.
The lad got offended, held my other hand and told Austin he was being rude.

In that Moment, I had never seen Austin that way. He took a bottle on the table and shattered it into bits on the other guys head.

I was petrified.He held my hand even tighter as we walked away from the spot.

He asked that I stay over at his place.
Not a chance in hell I was going to.
I expressed my displeasure but he was remorseful and blamed it on the drinks.His excuse?
he gets violent when he's drunk.
He promised to quit drinking and that nothing mattered more than our relationship

What could I do?
I hung unto those words
I wanted to believe we could work

But I had never been more wrong.It happened over and over again.
He was utterly insecure and violent
He fought with my co workers and even my own brother

It was too much now
I didn't feel an ounce of love no more.

And I did what I had to do.
I invited him over.
Made his favourite
Gave him a warm bath

Had sex in all of his favourite positions
And in the morning.
I told it was over.


He was furious
It took all of my neighbours to kick him out of my place.

I was done.

I deleted all of our pictures
His contact.
And threw away every gift and anything that reminded me of him

But I'm sure you already know. That wasn't the last of himHe always came by the house.
It was disturbing.
He would leave me notes

When that wasn't working
He visited my friends
Begged them to beg me

And went as far as calling my parents.Nothing was scarier

I had to relocate to another City.

It was peace at last,
And I met someone new.

Some Banker,who worked at my bank.

Life seemed okay
I was happy.My Banker boyfriend wanted to get a little more serious
He asked that I move in with him

I wasn't down for that
So I asked that he move in with me. I was more comfortable in my own place.

And so we did. It was a bit rough at first. But we settled in fine eventually.

He Often came in Late as all Bankers do.On this day, he didn't show up home.
I tried all his cells.
It was 1: 24 a.m
I was worried now.

5 minutes later, I heard his loud horn of his car.

I leaped for Joy and rushed to the gate.
I had already racked up all my rants and tantrum I saw about to throw down.
As I opened.

My heart froze.
It was Austin.
In my boyfriends car
Driving in

In that Moment, I couldn't scream, I was stuck to the spot.He stopped the car at the centre of the house.
He looked so different
He had alot of beard.
His eyes were bloodshot.

He stepped out of the car and barely on his feet.
He must have been drunk...
He screamed out my name in his deep voice.


He had a gun to his hand.

And at this moment
I ran inside and bolted all doors.
I was beyond shivering in fear.

I looked through the window to find him opening the boot of the car.
My Boyfriend, all tied up
Dropped down to the floor and dragged along the ground to the front door."Open the Door Rachael or else, he's dead. I'll count to 10"

I opened the doors at count 3.

He dragged his body to the sitting room and tied him to a chair
There was blood all over my Boyfriend shirt. Quite alot of blood."Why did you leave me"
"I loved you so much"
He cried out those words as he walked towards me.

I walked back even further in fear till I was at the kitchen.
I mustered any form of courage as I groped behind me for a knife or anything remotely sharp.

I could feel something, it was the grater. Not what i wanted but it was something. It was anything.

He halts and asked that I sit down next to my Boyfriend.

I slipped the grater into my garments as he tied me too.And slowly I started the cut pieces of the ropes my hands were tied to.

Austin makes it a choice.
"It's me or Him
You have to choose this moment. "

I didn't even give it a thought.
I yelled it out in tears

I wanted to be over and done with.
He should just leave us alone.

But I was so wrong.
So so wrong.

Austin smirked and raised the Gun to my Boyfriend and said.

"Then He has to go, we don't need him anymore. It's you and Me now"

As he reached to pull the trigger.
I rushed out of my chair, reached for his gun

But then, I heard the loud shot of his gun.
It almost sent me deaf.

There was a certain still in the momentI felt my Boyfriend scream out of his gag
I could see Austin face, he was in complete shock
And I felt a rush of heat and cold fill of me.

I felt it all at once; fear, cold, pain and an emptiness.

I had just been shot. Straight to the chest.
And I was getting cold.
I stared at the site of my own blood pursing out through my chest.

Austin bloodshot eyes had never been whiter. He was in such daze, he dropped his gun and ran out of the house.
That must have been the last of Him.

And in my last moments.
I realised that Rita had it good.
Love brought her heartbreak and me, my death.


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