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The Mistake

I looked down to my phone
She's calling
It's Martha
She's about to go all lovey dovey once again but I'm not in the mood for it.
Not even slightly
I ignore the call and decide I'll make up an excuse later.

I feel bad about how much I cheat and how much my girlfriend wants my time and body solely.

It's an unfair world, a cruel blow to someone so loving
Martha is just one of the 4.
One of the 4 girls I call when I want to feel something different.
Martha calls again and I answer...
She's coming to spend the night.
And she's bringing all of that body home for the taking

See, Martha is somewhat cute but has amazing breasts.
It's hard to admire.
My perv mind has undressed her too many times until this meet.

After sex,  really nice sex, I look at her bare butt peeping through the sheets. I give it a nice tap as I reach for my phone.

My girlfriend does text me, she asks me if I'm hungry and would want to eat something...

That huge sense of guilt feels me up once more....
That night, I slept with the guilt
Woke up and asked for a last sex, I supposed.
It was even better than last night.
Everything was right about it.

It was supposed to be the last of Martha but hell No. Deep down I wanted one more...
One more of that good feeling...

But when she was gone.
I went to see my girlfriend.
Looked at her so much.
Her beauty
Her hot body
Her sense of humour and how brilliant she is.

How can someone cheat on this.
On this near perfection
With someone not half as close.

Wèll, that's me...

So I decide,  no more.
I want to be an honest man
I want to turn a new leaf
She draws near and reaches to initiate a kiss, I hold her chin to make her stop, look her in the eye...And say "stop babe, I love you so much".
There's something we should talk about
I cheated

There was this pause in the moment
And before I could say my next words
She slapped the living the day light out of my face.


"Get out of my house right now"
She yelled.

I picked up my bag and left still holding my face
It's been 5 days since I last heard from my Girlfriend
I've called like 5000 times.

So, today, I go to see her.
She opens the door and hugs me.
So tight
And then tells me, never cheat on me again
I mean...
Never never again
The relief.
The joy

You wouldn't understand.
But like they say nothing lasts forever...

It's a month now of our renewed relationship.

I've deleted Martha's number and the rest of them...
But I've got to admit. I miss Martha's body and the scent of her skin...

Talk of the devil,  I get a call from an unknown number.
It's Martha, she's so angry with me on the phone...
I couldn't say a word without her screaming down on me.
"I'm fucking pregnant for you Bastard"


  1. Your story is suspicious... 🤔

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