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What is it about Reverend Fathers

Before Meeting Father Anthony, I've always heard people talk about How Women loved being around Reverend Fathers but, with Father Anthony, I saw it happen in the flesh.
Father Anthony wasn't the most handsome man you'll ever meet and wasn't even close But he was Decent. He had other things about him; He could play the piano and sing.
I swear I'm not "hating" or anything but his singing wasn't all that great neither was how he played but The way it made the ladies be all around him Was something beyond me.
They all wanted to hear him play, sing and sometimes just breathe.
Call me Envious if you may, but I'll like to consider myself rather curious.
It had me asking
What is it about Reverend Fathers that gets the Women?

As you would expect I asked around and these are the answers:

1. We are attracted to things we can't get

The very reason that reverend father's can't get married or laid is an attraction on it's own. Ironic, right? Because I've always thought the secret to getting a girl is getting a girl.
Reverend Fathers are the embodiment of Unrequited love.
This isn't primarily a "woman" thing. It's rather innate in all of us, to desire the things we can't have.

2. We gravitate towards people who don't judge us.

Reverend Fathers are trained for the Herculean task to listen and never to judge. no matter how stupid or outrageously promiscuous you appear, a Rev.Fr will listen and not judge openly at least.

Women, as we know, are built to love attention and comfort and that's primarily a Rv. Fathers job. That's an instant bond.

3. We like Power and People with Power
Everyone loves been blessed.
We seek it
We pray for it
To be blessed.
Reverend Fathers are seen to be able to do that.
Intercede for us and bless us and that is Power.
That power brings the women nigh.

Well, these are all the reasons I got and could muster.
My advice, be a Reverend Father. I mean not literally, but have the qualities.
Listen, judge less or not at all.
Be spiritually inclined, so much that people believe they can be blessed by you or have some power, that draws people to you.

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