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The Third Wave

      Bro, nobody should come and tell me Titanic was a romantic movie, it wasn't. That movie was a horror film. All the men died. All.The.Fucking.Men.Died
They didn't die cos they couldn't survive if they wanted to, they died because for some fucked up reason, women and children had to be saved first. Now, it wouldn't be a horror film if it weren't for these third wave feminists who cherry pick male privileges. They want all the opportunities allocated to men but circumvent responsibilities that come along with what they're clamouring for.

Was having a very interesting conversation with my friend Tunde a while ago about gender-specific roles in the society. He said he intends to raise his children egalitarian. Tell his daughter to go switch on the generator, tell his son to go cook. I told him, he's not doing anything new. Girls turn on the generator all day, it's not a big deal and I don't think women are the best in the kitchen anyways, the greatest chefs on earth are men (Google it). I told him if he wanted to do anything novel, when the next Nigerian Civil War comes, he should sit his son at home & send his underaged daughter to the heart of the battle the same way 12yr old boys were drafted during the Biafran war.

 Needless to say, he called me an asshole. Now, maybe that's true. But, that's how you come off whenever you don't agree with the Progressive Left. An asshole.
Boy you can't cheat biology. That shit is just...

For 5000 years it was okay for men to fight lions, bears& tigers and for women to pick cherries, but the moment Fortune 500 companies started raking in 7-figures in excess funds, women felt alienated. I'm tempted to talk about what happened in egalitarian societies such as Estonia, & it turns out women chose to stay at home with the kids instead.

I believe in equal rights for male & female on condition that I also believe in equal responsibilities for male & female. No halfsies. If the ship is drowning, same number of men & women on that boat that makes it out, & same percentile of men & women drowning. A man should open the door for his woman if he's going in first, the woman should do it for the man if she's going in first. Men should holler at women playfully just as they do fellow men, don't come here with the "that's not how to talk to a lady" bant. If there's a fire, no saving women first. We save _humans_ first. If a man feels threatened outside, he should go holler at his woman to come physically fight for him..

Y'all don't realize what you're asking for. A society that breeds men who treat women the same way they treat men is a lost society. I pray we don't eventually descend into the kinda society wherein men don't respect women. Women would hate it, cos, say what you want, men are proven to be physically stronger than women.. And as long as the inherent nature of a human being is nasty & brutish, the women will be ultimately maligned further & worth reduced. You don't clamour for things like this by HATING men. You do realize that those in positions to effect change in favour of the women....are men. Third wave feminists have got the plot wrong. The left have got the plot wrong. Boy.

By loSo

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