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How to be an amazing boyfriend

In my days of roaming the earth single and looking for who to devour, my excuse for my non-committal was that I was "relationship-shy". It wasn't a concealed lie, I meant it but to be exact, my real reason for not wanting to be in a relationship was that i would make an amazing boyfriend, Yes, an amazing boyfriend.
I didn't want to because it takes a lot of work to almost completely have your woman satisfied. It was responsibilities I wasn't prepared for.
I know you probably have your eye brows raised and your forehead wrinkled but I'll backup my claim in telling you how to be an amazing boyfriend: all it entails regardless the woman you're dating.

Well, let's begin.
Relationships take three stages
The trusting phase, the comfort phase and the break-up.

Let's into it
The trusting phase.
This is the initial phase of the relationship: just after she has said the words "yes" to you.
For the average sane woman , relationships mean a great deal to them and they are never actually sure at first if they made the right choice, if this could go all the way or end horribly wrong and so they are in dire need of some security.

Chris Rock, one of my relaibale sources for courtship advise has a golden rule that he urges every man in a relationship to live by, it is that the very minute you wake up in the morning, take a look in the mirror and say to yourself. "Damn my dreams, Damn my Hopes and Aspirations, let's go out and make that woman happy".

Chris Rock believes that for a relationship to work, the focus should be on the woman, it should be all about her.

That golden rule is particular to the trusting phase. It s the phase to learn her love language that if you know what that means. It's the time for those random mid-day "I miss you and you're my world" texts. Late night calls that could last over 30mins, the words of affirmation when she's feeling blue. It's the time for the surprise Gifts and morning text messages.
This is the period of reassurance. This is where she believes you're the Right one and she isn't making a mistake.
To achieve this, you need to either honestly love your girlfriend or have a keen sense of responsibility and sometimes, a bit of both.

The next phase
The comfort phase
For different women, certain acts mark the beginning of the comfort phase. To some, its when they can fart in front of you or when they can go to the toilet in front of you. To others, when they can completely be naked around you or whatever there is.
But there's a similarity between all women when they get into the comfort phase. All women talk and complain a whole lot when they are comfortable in a relationship.
It's the phase where they begin to ask those questions no one knows the answers to but expect you to answer.
It's the time for questions like, " are you going to cheat on me?" Like I can see the future.
Or "what's on your mind, " even when absolutely nothing is on your mind and then you have to come up with something.

The truth is, women don't really ask these questions for answers, they do it for the attention.
Women love to be seen as a trophy, a prize. Well, everyone does but women will demand to be seen as that, when your trophy comes calling, it demands all of your attention and interest.
So when a woman is talking about her day, dishing you the hot gossips of her friends or family coupled with all that questions you dont understand, just try to nod your head, fake a gaze or actually make one and listen till you can't no more.

The complains, this is where it begins....
And as much as I hate to admit it, women actually don't complain for no reason. The chief reason why they do is because the men stop trying, they get comfortable too. They dont call as much, buy gifts way less or not at all, fails to go to church or arrange his house and so on and so forth.

What happens when you do all of that? they complain still. They complain that there's nothing to complain about.

Truth is this, complains are proof that the relationship is moving well, it expresses that she's still interested in you. It's a necessity for women to complain. How else are they going to let out all that monthly hormonal imbalance. They have to complain to someone and it's best if it's you and not someone else.

What to do? First thing, apologise and make effort to change. You don't really have to change outrightly, showing effort is often times enough.
This is also where you spontaneously show her glimpses of the old you. Make those surprise texts, morning text and gifts once in blue moon, I'm talking once in like two months. It's best when it comes as a shock rather than a surprise.

The Break Up

Like they say, all good things come to an end and there's a good way to end things that doesnt ruin years of good work.
It's the things; Don't be the reason why she's breaking up, in other words, dont get caught or don't do anything worth catching in the first place.
The 2nd rule? Let her do the break up or explain to her in clear terms why the relationship should end.

I know theres alot of things unsaid.
A whole lot.
It's a whole book on how to be an amazing in a relationship but see this article as the blueprint.

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