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Posthumous Recognition

It started with Nipsey Hussle.
A couple days or weeks after he had been shot dead, Nipsey had his 1st Billboard number one track. I remember feeling very upset about it. Especially because, if he had gotten this when he was alive, it would have called for celebration. Now dead, it added no value to him and that made no sense to me.
  The sad part is actually that, Nipsey is just one among many who receive accolades when they're gone.

     You may not know him but i have a feeling you must have come across this picture.
 In case you have, its Van Gogh's work. He was an artist. Presently, his art works are priced in millions. However, when he was alive, he was only able to sell just one painting. Through his lifetime, he suffered poverty, epilepsy and depression so bad that he cut off his ear one day. Sad life right? But today, he is recognized as one of the greatest artists ever lived. One problem, he never got to find out.


     She was a poet. Often referred to as a poet ahead of her time. It wasn't until after her death in 1886 that the world started to recognize her works. She did say though, "when something is done for the first time, it releases a little demon." She couldn't have been more right.

     This wonderful astronomer is credited with the invention of the telescope. Pretty amazing right? However, during his lifetime he was highly criticized and ridiculed particularly because of the predominant christian beliefs at that time. Can you imagine? He gave us something crazy amazing and he never got to find out how amazing it was. ☹


      This is another guy you may not know. He is a renowned poet and writer. I myself came across him in the book Love letters to the dead. He is very well appreciated today and praised for his writing style and themes. However, whilst alive, he could barely afford 2 square meals a day and eventually took to alcoholism following his wife's death.

     If you ever paid attention during Biology class then you ought to have heard of this fella. He is regarded as the father of modern genetics. We do remember Mendel's laws of genetics right? Sadly, this genius died in 1884 with the knowledge of his work being negated. If only he knew that science students are being forced to cram and understand his laws.


   Well you may have not read the book but you must have heard about the movie, The girl with the dragon tattoo. This guy is the mastermind behind that thriller. He was only known as a journalist in Sweden and his books received global acclaimation after his death. His legacy has received the fame he never tasted when he was alive.


     Everybody has heard about this guy. I think. Before Jet Li and the JackieChan era, there was Bruce. However, when he was alive he had a very limited audience. Its been years since his death, and today his movies are recognized worldwide.


   I'm not a fan of classical music but if you are, you must have heard about Mozart. He was a composer. One of the greatest ever known. But during his life, he was extremely poor, his music having never received acceptance.

    Chuck Palahnuik said, " The goal isn't to live forever. It is to create something that will." For these people it could have been wrong timing or their works having not been understood or not reached the right hands. Or perhaps, there is something about death that attracts fame. Who knows?

                             By Sharon

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