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So today, a man got up not feeling so good. He went to work anyway and was met with an autopsy... Tired and unwell, he misdiagnosed.
   And thus began the search for a murder suspect.

  JohnPaul is madly in love with Jane. She is too but cant tell him that; it scares her to be so dazzled by him. And so instead, she is meeting him to break up with him and tell him she's with Connor now.
  Stunned by the news, JohnPaul will go on to profess his love and Jane will laugh. And that laugh. That laugh will infuriate John so much that he will wrap his hands around her neck and like that he will become a murderer on the run. And will live with the guilt forever...
      Years later, Jane's mother Rachael will in rage try to kill Connor, the man she thinks killed her daughter and instead will ride over Polly, JohnPaul's last daughter.

  Twisted story...
But what none of them will know is that, the man who didnt wake up good shouldve reported an aneurysm as the cause of Jane's death not traumatic asphyxiation. As Jane, skinny and all suffered from Marfan's syndrome. If not, JohnPaul's act shouldnt have killed her.
   1 man's mistake is another man's guilt and the cause of a child's disability.

 Story 2:
  His 82nd birthday will be his last day as in an attempt to save a little girl, he would lose his life...
  In heaven, he meets the 1st of 5... A man named Joseph aka The blue man. @ the age of 5, Eddie was playing with his friends and as the ball ran across the street, he went after it. Not watching the road, Joseph's car will have to come to an abrupt stop to keep from hitting him. Too much shock for Mr. Blue man and eventually, he will have a car crash, walk out of his car and collapse. Moments later, he will be pronounced dead... Heart attack.
  Eddie was 5 and until he died and met this man in heaven, he had no idea that he was responsible for another man's death.

   Maybe you're wondering what these stories have to do with blanket.
But if you've ever seen a knitted blanket, you'll notice that every strand is intertwined with every other and loosening just one could take apart the whole clothing... That's our lives together... All of us..
  We are all strands in this big blanket called Life... Connected in more ways than one...
  Like Blue man said.. "... there are no random acts; we are all connected. As you cant seperate breeze from wind,you cant seperate 1 life from another..."

                                        By Sharon

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