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       Most of us think we know what rape is. We all mostly think it boils down to sex without consent. We might even throw in sex obtained by force, threat, intimidation or impersonation.
When you saw rape did you think about a girl being beaten into submission? Or an armed robber with a gun to a girls head telling her to undress? Maybe a couple of boys waylaying a girl and dragging her into a bush. It doesn’t seem so complicated now does it?
        When a rape discussion comes up and you say those bastards should be killed or their penises cut off and thrown to the dogs, you obviously never imagine yourself as one of those bastards right?
Well this is where it gets tricky. Have you ever had sex with a girl who was willing all along and right when you are cruising on that heavenly high and nearing completion you hear that tiny non compliant voice that weakly says “stop please” but you hammer away and even increase pace?
Maybe she hasn’t let you put it yet but while you are still touching and trying she is staying that stop that sounds to you like try harder and you conclude “babe is just forming hard to get?”
She could say we will have sex only on the condition that you won’t cum inside me and you say yes gladly, in your mind you are like “small thing na” but then it happens and self control is not your forte afterall.
Or did you get her a little tipsy because you know when she is slightly inebriated it will be impossible for her to say no to you?
Sorry to break your hearts buddies, but if you have ever been in any of the above situations, you might just have to find the nearest dog.
        You see, when the law says there must be consent it means from the moment you put little junior in till the moment it comes out, the girl must be in tandem with you, all the way. She can decide to at whatever point she feels like withdraw her consent and If you fail to stop, rapist may very well describe you. Sounds cruel right? I think so too.
You might get away with stuff like this in Nigeria though, but for those of you that will make it in life and your dream to travel out of Nigeria come true, for the love of God and your penises, please make sure before and during your lovemaking your girl is screaming YES!

                                        By Jenifa

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