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Nigerians owe Donald Trump an Apology

"On November 8, 2016 Donald Trump and Mike Pence were elected both President and Vice President of the United States.
Trump's populist positions in opposition to illegal immigrationand various trade agreements, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, earned him support especially among voters who were male, white, blue-collar and those without college degrees."

To a handful of readers , the above paragraph sounded like some political jargons especially if you care less about politics like i do, but Donald Trump is one of those leaders you don't need a huge knowlege on politics to have something to say apparently. He's on virtually everybody's lips earning one derogatory comment or the other , but of all the slander and lies coming from fellow Nigerians there's one we should apologise for.

It was one of the biggest lies that shook many Nigerians home and abroad. It was one lie that tore down the bridges of socio economic differences; the rich, the poor, the learned and the dafts were all culprits.
It was that Donald Trump would drive out Nigerians out of America when he wins. Yeah...You remember, Dont you?

Honestly, i don't even think Donald Trump has time of Nigerians up there. He's had such a controversial year that seeking to drive out Nigerians or fellow Africans would appear to be a complete joke.

So My people, if guilty, as you pray at night asking for forgiveness from God for the people you've wronged , add Donald Trump because you wronged him too.

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