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Why You Shouldn't Love Hard

When a girl begins to like a guy who has been asking her out and she's unsure about him, she always does a background check.
Ask his friends or her friends about him or best,search him on Facebook and carefully go through his profile.

Ladies! Y'all know I'm right.
In my case, the girl I had been asking out found something incredibly implicating on my Facebook page.
It was a post from a year ago.
The post read,
"its foolishness to love too hard, its unwise to invest so much emotion into uncertainty"

She was so upset about it. To her, it meant I never had any true intentions towards her.
In my defiance, I stood by my words to her amazement. I said that life is pretty unpredictable, today,I'm in love with you, tomorrow I might not be. Today, I'm the only one you want to see,tomorrow you'd rather spend time in hell than be around me. One can only promise to love as it comes and that's what I'm promising her, to love her as it comes.

I know right, I'm smooth but you have to agree with me.
Promising heaven and earth in good faith to your partner is such a futile thing to do for obvious reasons;
Primarily, we can't tell the future sadly.
And then, my favourite reason.
No matter how much your boyfriend or girlfriend is in love with you now, the very minute he/she meets A Better Offer they are leaving you or at least,they would cheat.
What is a better offer? A Better version of you.
If she likes you for being smart. She would leave you for a smarter guy
If she likes you for beinģ rich. A richer guy is your better version.
Whatever a woman loves the most about you, the minute she finds someone who trumps you in your expertise, kiss your girlfriend bye or at least, expect that someone else is getting it too.

This is the truth we do not want to admit, this is the truth that is scary.
This is the reason why loving too hard is playing Russian roulette.

The advice is Self-improvement .
I've heard people say things as "Love me as I am", "Real love doesn't try to change you" and so on and so forth but that's absolutely false.
Nobody wants to stay loving you as you're.

"Be Yourself " is the biggest hoax of the century.
 Everyone Is open to betterness.
The only person allowed to be the same yesterday, today and forever is God.

What you can do?
Improve on the things that attract praises and acquire other skills.
If you're good singer? Be better and maybe learn an instrument to go with it.
If you're a writer? Read more to know more so you can write more.

Read the news, have constructive conversations, listen than speak. Grow a personality that wants to improve.
All these seemingly motivational talk all comes down to this.
Strive to be the desired than the desiring.


  1. I agree with the later part but not the earlier part...
    I dont think you like just one thing in a person. I think its a cumulative effort.
    You like this and this; hate that or that; altogether you love the person...

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  2. Does God exist? Is there life after death? Will you wake up tomorrow? Will you be successful? Will you marry? Will you have kids? Will you fall in love? All of those are uncertain, they're things we can't guarantee yet we have faith and believe. And because we believe we work towards making heaven, being answerable to God, hope and pray we wake up, be successful, fall in love etc.

    We know relationships end, for one the grim reaper visits unannounced BUT we don't need to be reminded! How y'all can be so practical when emotions are involved beats me. In her subconscious she sure knows you guys may not end up for life but she hopes, she prays it's for the long haul. My problem with mindsets like yours is that you won't put in the work/effort required to salvage things if it gets bad cos to you "life happened".

    Sadly I agree with the other part of your post, i used to be one of the proponents of 'take me as i am'. Somehow i stepped back and evaluated myself and realised that i wouldn't take 'me' as i am. Now I'm on a self realisation journey observing where and how things need to be changed.

    Change your mindset, give that lady some assurance, why waste both your time at something with no fighting chance? Love like there's no tomorrow and if it doesn't work out, take it in stride knowing you gave your best. You don't want to live with the regret of speculating on what could have been done differently.

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