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A woman's pride

Sex sells, a whole lot in whatever form it comes. Be it an erotic reference in a novel or a tad suggestive music video, it tingles and tickles. Today, we are not scratching the surface, we are going all in (pun intended); talking about sex itself but this time, in a way barely ever spoken about.

The African society as regards sex is structured to have men play the role of being perpetually horny and women, to act like sex is a grossly unpleasant act only offered as a sacrifice to her partner.
Yet again, cultural values proves to be the weakest guide to live by and sadly, a chunk of the african population uphold these way of thought. A few days ago, a group of boys were slut shaming a certain female for having sex with multiple guys, they referred to her as a sex doll. When these boys were attacked, they sprung into defence saying women shouldn't like sex too much: that a woman should have her "pride".
That "pride" is the reason for this article.

What is this pride that a woman should have?
The foremost is that a woman should protect by any means possible the structural integrity of her vagina. For most women, its a commandment. "Thy vagina shall always be tight". You'll be amazed the lengths women could go to have a tight vagina.

The second point is that a woman shouldn't be sexually expressive. This is the core of the whole matter. This is why i write to you brethren.

One time, i had a talk with a very angry young man. He was so upset that out there,on every social media platform, it was daily thing to find jokes about men who can't hold their own in the bedroom: men who can't last longer than 5 mins, men who can't give good oral sex or even give it all, men who cant don this or do that. This friend of mine was upset because no one is out there shaming women for being bad at sex, absolutely no one. It was like people didn't even consider it to be a thing.
He was making a fair point that i agreed with.
For men, we don't have much sexual demands. For most men, some oral sex and a good 'ride' is all we seek. As basic as these demands seem, a chunk of women can't perfom this task optimally.
I mean, if men just laid there in bed, utterly immobile. My guess is alot of women may not know what to do really and this is the position they put alot of men.

My angry friend went on to say women blame men for being bad in bed but would rather tell the world than tell the seeming incompetent man how to perform better . Women expect a man to read their minds and just know what they want and how they want it.
He cried that it is an unfair burden to place on a man. If only women could just say it as they want it.
That brings us back to sexual expression.

For me,
It's bizarre that women are encouraged to be sexually reticent. My friend would always tell me how much women are sexual beings: every part of their body, every curve, every angle with its own sensation and demand on how it should be touched. Its in how a woman can all experience different type of orgasms from the same body.
To say it other words, a woman should never be shut down from expressing her sexual self. That body was designed to be explored.

To wrap this all up, the advice is this
Women, be renegade, fight society and it's sexual demands.
Be prideful not. Express yourself sexually. Know your body, know how it works and tell your partner what is and what's not for the sake of both of you.
As much as no one wants to admit it. Being exceptionally great in bed is such a valuable talent to posses.