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First Of Many

 Perpetua was 15 with perky breast and a protruding buttocks when her mother gave her the talk.
A talk too late, sex started for her a year ago.
It was Daniel, Uncle Daniel who wasn't so much of an uncle, more of an older brother. He was 18 at the time.
She doesn't refer to it as rape. She knew what sex was, she saw it coming and wanted it to happen. That's what she tells herself; its what she had to tell herself.

A few more times with Uncle Daniel and it was more of a sport, one she enjoyed to say the least. She listened to her mother say utter nonsense about how if a boy touches you, you'll get pregnant,
But She dared not act like she knew any better.

Now, pepertua is 19 and in her 2nd year of the university
Her body settled in its development: tall, dark, breasts and buttocks complementing her height.
Since uncle Daniel, its been 8 more boys but none from her school.
It was her rule.
She would say ,
"never shit where u eat"

All of her 'men' had to be out of town and school boys were nothing more than friends until Eugene. Eugene was the church drummer and a senior colleague.
He wasn't much in terms of looks but He was okay to look at.
They met on the eve of the new year.
She noticed something strange. Everyone else but Eugene was in such high spirits that evening, He seemed blue. Her curiosity lead her to him. She asked what was wrong.
He gave a rather strange reason for his dampening mood. He said new years are a sober moment for him, a moment for reflection.

"How about you think forward, let go of last year and just solely concentrate on what's to come" she asked.

And he told her that the past must be resolved before we can move on or else, it will come back to hunt you.

Well, that conversation was the first of many.
Conversation after conversation till a friendship was formed.
Eugene made it hard for her to be secretive for he was utterly easy to talk to.
The day she told him about Uncle daniel
She cried so much it could fill a basket.
Time went by till Eugene knew it all about perpetua: every secret, well most of it, every doubt and fear, hope and dream.
and in that moment, it was obvious that friendship had to end to birth a relationship.Perpetua was somewhat brave.
She made the first move
And told him how she felt in such fine detail but giving herself up to a single person was not in the options

She offered the idea of an open relationship to him
And it was much obliged.They could see other people with the exception of friends and were not to disclose who they had slept with.

That didn't go on for too long. Perpetua couldn't go on with seeing other people because Eugene wouldn't have other affairs. It was frustrating for her because Eugene was seeming more like someone she could surrender to with each passing decision.
Finally, she gave in to have him as her sole partner and hoped it didn't come back crashing down.

2 months into their 'official relationship', she received a call from Uncle Daniel. They hadn't talked in a year.
He was in his youth service now but had been in town.
She knew what the call meant but hell no, she wasn't going to sleep with him. She felt insulted by the phone call a bit. He asked about her wellbeing and who she was seeing now and gave her an address to meet him by 5:30 pm. She told him with beam of confidence that they wouldn't be having sex this time and asked if he still wanted her come.
He agreed to the meet.

she thought, I'd go over and tell him the girl he thought he knew was dead and call it quit for a final time...

On getting to the leasement, she walked in to see him looking a whole different from the last time. He was all muscle now with a lot of beards. He helped her with a seat but didnt sit down. He brought a glass of wine, and two wine cups and said

"today, we are either celebrating your liberation or our continued relationship "

She found the humour and told him about Eugene and her new life. He listened keenly and when she was done, he stood up, walked to her rear with his hands running through her shoulders and he told her he believed all that she had said about moving on but to be sure, its best he puts her resolve to the test. He asked that she stand next to him.
She did reluctantly. He held by the waist and pressed his lips against the side of her neck and to the back of ears and he whsipered

"you and i, we are more than the past. We are our own story that doesn't need to end"

He followed the words with more kisses down her clavicle
While his hands reached for the zip of her gown.
She gasped but gathered all the strength she could muster to push him away but he didn't relent.
This time, he held her from behind with her dressing fall of her shoulders. In front of her was the table which the glasses sat on, he kissed all corners of her exposed back and swiftly unhooked her bra. He turned her to face him and could see her in all her weakness as she begged

"please don't make me do this"

It all fell on deaf eears.
He let the dress to the floor, helped off what was left of her ensemble and bent her over the table with her legs apart.
And rammed into her. The sex was everything but romantic, it was hard, it was harder and it was a message.
It was a message to Eugene from Daniel that Perpetua was always going to be his.
What pepertua didn't know was that Eugene and Daniel are close friends from secondary school who had just started talking again about 7 months ago. Eugene told him about her; the new girl he thinks he likes and Daniel spilled the beans. On hearing that she had moved on from him, Daniel grew renewed interest in getting her and made a bet with eugene that he would get her to bed with him again.
Euegene in complete trust and obvious stupidity agreed to the bet. He kept to his end of the deal and didnt say a word about Daniel or the bet to her for months till Daniel was in town.

Daniel briefed Eugene on the day of the meet and told him,
  "if she's not home to you in an hour, then know, you're single again"

It was already an hour and thirty minutes and perpetua was deep into cloud 9 and nowhere close to home Daniel's tongue coasting through all spheres of her vulva. It took another sex position before all of the euphoria was over and her heart bleeding with guilt. As Daniel was just about done: he told her the words that tore her apart.

"Now go to Eugene, and tell him you're still mine"

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