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The Boys Who Want You

I honestly can't recall how many times a confused girl had asked me if a guy truly loved her or just wanted sex. It's the dilemma of a girl who had been heartbroken before.
I tell women the same thing all the time.
All boys, every single one of them wants sex with you. There is no exclusion. They want it either as a boyfriend, a 'side-guy', a friend with benefits, and the least of the lot; as a husband.

Why is this so? Why do men priotize sex so much?
Well, it's the way they were nurtured. Society has given men the pass to 'hoe' around without any form of retribution.
I remember a story a friend told me that scarred me, he said his mother gave birth to a lot of boys and whenever one of them wasn't bringing any or enough babes home, she would be worried and ask what the problem was.
I kid you not.
To say it simply, the more women you can accure, the more of a man you're says society.

Now, to the core of the matter.
One of the first things that welcome a girl into womanhood is the influx of men flirting with her, thus demanding she learns how well to tell the difference between what is true and what will ruin her.
It's quite a tough task; to read through actions and decipher intentions. To help,here is a guide to know the men who will ruin you emotionally and there are 5 types.

1. The Self Righteous
Self righteous because it's never their fault. These men are primarily very understanding, seemingly honest, and they 'judge not'. They let you be yourself and freest around them till sex happens. What the girl never knows is that for that boy, the sex didn't just happen; all that being understanding and supportive and honest is just premeditated and thought through. It's a way to have you 'emotionally trapped' so when the sex begins, it doesn't end. It's like having sex with your therapist.
Boys like this seek for weaknesses and exploit it. The more you open up about your weaknesses, the more attached you'd be. They prey on a girl's short-sightednes, they'd encourage sexual expression with the aim of having some of the action too.

2. The self centred.
These are the lairs. They are often either with sugar coated lips or with incredible good looks. Worse when they have both. These folks can't tell the truth to save their lives.
For them, nothing else matters but sex. They are ready to spend a little or live a lie if it's money that tickles the girl of interest all in bid to be up in her pants. If a girl will only have sex till she's in a relationship, no hassle. They will ask you out without 6 ways from Sunday.
They don't care much if you're heartbroken, in pain, or emotionally drained, sex remains top priority.

3. The confused
They are governed by guilt. These boys toy with your emotions. Today, they miss you more than life itself, and the next, they act like u r bother.
They are so sexual and the next, they are just out of seminary school. They appear confused but deep down, their only problem is just an active conscience. They feel bad for themselves and feel worse for you. They know they want to get some but the lies and other means of getting some shames their upbringing and values.

4. The blunt one.
They operate by 'truthful manipulation'.
They say few words but say the truth alot, especially the ones that hurt deeply. That's their charm; unrivalled honesty and quietness that is almost mystical. They show more of logic and less of emotion, and they are also hard to leave once sex starts.

Last but definitely not least in causing damage are
5. the Desperate ones.
A girl told me a story about one of her worst sex.
She said all through the sex she kept on thinking about how the sex happened and how much of a mistake she was making. What happened? The boy begged his way into sex, he slept over and started torching her while it was time to sleep. No amount of refusal was enough to deter him, he begged on till she gave in.
Boys like this exist Who believe that woman are susceptible to pressure. They will ask you out till you're almost losing your mind, they will beg till you actually decide to give them a chance. They will spend their school fees and their friends too just to get you to bed eventually.
Sad, but sometimes effective.

And with that my friends, I conclude.

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