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My problem with the gay community

Change is a constant thing but it is not an easy thing to achieve. Some 10 years ago, it was very tough for literally anyone to be openly gay but right now the whole store is different. There's the LGBT community now with millions of people under its umbrella, there's the annual pride day, there's hardly any TV show or movie without a gay character, and some of our favourite fictional movie and cartoon characters are being labelled as homosexuals. Even with these recent strides, the gay community is still hit with immense disapproval, criticisms and sometimes persecution. It is a situation that people should be punished for being true and real to themselves.

So what is my problem with the gay community? I'll tell you; the LGBT community preaches trueness and expression. It is the core of your movement, it is saying that however your sexual preferences you are absolutely normal to feel that way. It is normal to feel sexually attracted to both sexes at a time, it is normal to look and sound like a woman and still possess a functioning penis. It is okay to be genderless or even have people refer to you by your preferred pronoun.

The point is, you are free and you shouldn't be judged for what you feel and who you are.

My problem is, this freedom doesn't extend to people who inherently uncomfortable with homosexuality. People like this aren't allowed to express their disapproval in any way; you can't speak or even make a face or else you feel the wrath the community, you will be branded retarded, traditional and regressive. Some folks even equate homophobia to racism. In the spirit of fairness and trueness, the gay community should accept that there are people out there to who find homosexuality to be disturbing in some way and these people should be given the freedom to express how they feel.

My other problem with the gay community is they are shoving homosexuality down of throats. Wait, I'll explain. They are a lot of homo "sensitive" (this is me seriously avoiding the word homophobic)people out there; who find homosexuality to be somewhat gross or out of the normal. For these people, it's tough these days to enjoy movies, tv shows or cartoons. Homosexuality is being advertised and put out there with every opportunity. Well I understand that this goal is to make the society sensitized to this new norm and encourage more homosexuals to come out of the dark but it is choking right now.

Change is a constant thing but it is not an easy thing to achieve. Change can be rapid but it is more insidious and painstaking. To cause to a change, it is worse when done in a hurry and with force. Some advice to the gay community is this, I know that somewhere in the future it will be universally acceptable to be open gay but let it take it's  due course don't force down our throats.

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