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The gods we serve

I have a friend who thinks that Africa's problem started with colonization. She considers that Africa would have made it's own progress without it, that civilization ruined our uniqueness as Africans. It ruined our values, culture and society. I'm going to put it out there that I do not agree with her at all, I even think that Africa needs more colonization; I feel independence for Africa came a bit too early. To that my good friend, I have some good news; those values and beliefs that are peculiar to Africans still remain and there are a handful of natives who still believe and enforce them. 

Today I shall be talking about these values in a completely different sense. One time during my psychiatry posting I met a clinically depressed man. He had always been unhappy about his financial situation compared to his mates despite his good standing with God. He was very respected in church and was the youth pastor. His depression got a whole lot worse when he found out that his wife had been with another man, and all of his financial and health worries were blamed on his wife's infidelity.
He was told by his 'family people' that he had to come to the village with his wife and make some sacrifices. He was promised that all of his problems would be gone after the sacrifice. This youth pastor respected by all in the house of God went down to the village and did all that was asked of him. But guess what, it didn't work. He got worse and attempted suicide, he ate razor blades in an attempt and his life.

I've listen to many Christians who still hold unto and defend many traditional beliefs. the common one I hear a lot is that if a woman cheats on her husband and keeps cooking for the family, her children will die one by one and if the husband knows and doesn't expose her, he will die too slowly. There are a lot of people who believe that these things work and that is an actual law with consequences.
I do not think that a Christian should adhere to such beliefs. I don't agree at all and I'll explain.
The Bible is the blueprint that should guide and guard every believer. Christians ought to examine everything through the word of God. Cultural laws with its consequences are not from God; they aren't anywhere in the Bible. 

Where else then? It's simple, from the Devil. There's no deity in between, there's no sitting on the fence. If you're a Christian you're not bound by those laws.
The Bible teaches forgiveness for a cheating partner and discourages divorce. The Bible doesn't consider it seen to have sex with a partner who has committed adultery ( Matthew 5:31-32). The Bible doesn't say the children will die nor the husband if he doesn't speak up. Joseph was even commended for putting away Mary quietly when He thought she was pregnant for another man. This is the guide we should adhere to; What God says. Believing anything else is inviting the devil into your home and it is recipe for more chaos.

My advice is this, debunk all of your Cultural beliefs that do not have any rooting in the word of God. Let God and his word lead you.  


  1. This is one beautiful article...k love it

  2. Your friend was right, Europeans making contact with Africa, colonization and slavery interrupted our history. If you read the history books we had a very dignified way of living. Admittedly,we weren't as advanced but we were morally upright and I would have said more but typing my comment is being a bitch and a half��