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The Mia Khalifa's Story And You

Do you know Mia khalifa? Of course you do, you rascal. Mia Khalifa also known as Mia Callister has a really fascinating story that you might not know about or just might, but either way I'll share and talk about how Mia Khalifa's is for all of us.

She was a porn star and was rated at a time as the biggest porn star in the world in her 3 month stay in the industry. She was ranked number one on porn hub.
I had two questions that needed answering.
How did she get into porn and why did she leave at a time when she was so successful?

The answers to these questions is where it gets really interesting.
We'll start with why she left and what got her so popular.

Her fame kicked off from her second porn shoot. She infamously wore the hijab for the shoot and for some unknown reason, the video went viral. Efforts to sensor the video caused a Streisand's effect. It became even more popular,so much so that it got the dreaded ISIS attention.
ISIS sent her a mocked up video of her being beheaded and promised it will happen to her soon. They were also reported to have allegedly hacked her IG page seeking new recruits.
From this, it was more fame as she became the most searched and sought after porn star.

Despite much of her hate and criticism coming from the middle East, it's quite ironic to know that data from Porn Hub, from January 3-6,2015, searches for Mia khalifa increased five fold and around a quarter of those searches from Lebanon and other neighboring mid East countries. We'll talk about this hypocrisy another day.

Now to where this gist is.
  How she got into porn.
In her interview with BBC's Stephen Sackur, she spills the beans on how porn started for her.

She dates it back to her struggle with a low self esteem. She was the fat girl who never felt attractive, she never got any form of validation or compliments from men until her college days when she lost alot of weight( over 20kg) and had a 'boob job' done. The compliments trooped in and in it, she found some measure of self worth.
On a bright day in the Florida , she was approached and asked if she would like to go into "nude modelling" and that she had a great body.
Well, I'm guessing she thought nude modelling wasn't so bad and agreed to come to the studio.
She was impressed on how nice and welcoming the people were and how neat the studio was. It was in that moment she was told about making a porn movie.
Mia Khalifa intended to have this as her little dirty secret but life had other plans.
Stephen Sackur asked her why she went ahead to wear the hijab for that shoot knowing how much it symbolises. She didn't have words for it, she was 21 and vulnerable. In her words she told them "you guys are going to get me killed" and still she 'willfully' did the scenes. She said she felt "intimidated and scared" to refuse them even though they didn't force her.
When asked if her experience with pornography still hunts her, she said these words that struck me.
"When I go out in public and people stare at me, I feel like they could see through my clothes and it brings me deep shame"
Stephen Sackur added salt to her words by saying that it must feel like she has no more right to her privacy,for she's just one Google search away and has no right to remove them for anybody's view around the world.

Although Khalifa had come out in many occasions to criticise BangBros (the company she signed under), her issues seem to be more with the societal stigma—not the actual scenes she shot. The angst she feels about getting into porn is at times self-directed.

Cloaked in regret, the now 27-year-old Khalifa wants to take it all back, all those choices she made at 21.
Mia Khalifa in an interview with DeFranco said “What I was doing then was a cry for help. I should have done therapy and not porn,” .

Khalifa's story is for every young person out there. Vulnerability and Rebellion is at the centre of adolescence and it is the perfect recipe for bad decisions . In my school, older medical students are beyond excited when 100 level girls are in town. To them, it's a time to cash in on free, cheap sex with impressionable young girls. this is the system of the world , ' vulnerability attracts exploitation'. There's also the internet that never forgets and people's hurtful words.

Whatever you're about to do or already doing, take a pause and ruminate on the effects that may be. It's better safe than sorry.

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