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The reason for the Exodus

Why our youths are travelling overseas

If you ask most individuals between the ages of 20 to 28 if they would like to travel out of the country, 90% of them will answer yes. It is no NEWS the state of the country and financial situation of most of her citizens, but let us have a microscopic view of the issue, what really are the salient points that makes us all want to cross the border?

Lack of job opportunities

This is the most obvious of all reasons why we all want to go over there. Unemployment rate in the country is at an all time high. There are several work class individuals searching for a place to get a job, but such places seem so few. A job opportunity for just 200 persons will be applied for by about 3000 persons, the dog eat dog hustle is at full throttle.

Lack of government support for raw talents

Nigerians are very talented; proof of this is seen each year, whereby talented Nigerians who create wonders from scratch are snapped up by western scouts who know the potential they carry. In Nigeria, these individuals get next to nothing in the way of support; the government does not train them or even advertise them. Most of these individuals then tend to want to travel overseas, taking their potential with them that could have really helped the Nigerian image.

Below-par salaries

Even when you are lucky enough to get a job in the country, it is not guaranteed that you will get an adequate pay. Most workers in the country live hand to mouth. The same amount of work they put in over here, if there put in half of that overseas they will be financially made. Promotions on the other hand do not even come easy except you know your way. There are even backlogs of salaries owed most of these workers, it is a discouraging situation that makes them look outside the border.

The economy is dwindling

The Nigerian economy is in a free fall, the cost of living is getting more and more expensive. The naira continues to fall and is fast becoming one of the weakest currencies in the African region. These facts put together tends to make our youths find alternative means to live which includes travelling overseas.

To taste the western life

Some youths (especially the well established) are simply just enticed by the western life, who can blame them? In terms of development, the western world is far ahead of us, their organization is superb compared to the hocus pocus we have over here and once they have enough money, they move over there, simply put. 

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