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The pain of being a play boy


I've got a friend and a class mate, his name is Maxwell. Maxwell is up there with the very best when it comes to being a play boy. He's incredibly good at it.

One time, we were having an honest conversation and I asked him how many girlfriends he had at that moment. He stopped to count and said 13. Thir-fucking-teen active relationships, and in all of those relationships, there was daily chatting and calls with regular very intense sexual visits.
In my astonishment I asked him, how do u keep up bro?
Well his answer is a story for another day.

The gist of the matter is centred on other question i asked. The question is what he considers to be the downside to being a play boy.
He gave a very detailed list but the most important downside is saved for last.

Being a play boy eats deep into your time and money. It's alot of people seeking time and money that they are feel they are entitled to. The downside isn't really the money and time being exchanged for regular sex but the important activities that will suffer; books, your job and even family time.

Cheating is also mentally draining. It's knowing in details the perculiar trait of each girl and catastrophy strikes when you mix things up. The golden rule of being a play boy is that you can't get caught. It is constantly naming and renaming, blocking and unblocking contacts depending on whose around. It's making sure things are just the way they were the last time each girl was around or at least have a reasonable explanation for each.

No matter how much people say they don't care what people think, deep down we all do especially to people who matter more to us. Maxwell tells me that despite his best efforts to hide his lifestyle from his younger siblings, they know all about it.
They notice the calls he gets and the condoms he takes away. He's most bothered about the effect these things may have on his sister.

A playboy unknowingly gives away bits of his "heart" to every girl he's involved with, sometimes, up to the point that he doesnt know what love is anymore. It's a constant state of emotional uncertainty. Its being unsure if you really love someone or just want sex because the mind of the playboy has been conditioned to see every woman as the next available vagina.

There's a certain blessedness of been able to hold a healthy non-sexual relationship with a female that the chronic flirt will never understand.

With all of these downside, it begs the question why would someone still want to be a chronic flirt?

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